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Pipelife around the World - March 2012

Household Water Treatment Training - POLAND

Advising people to boil their water is common practice in emergency situations when drinking water quality is questionable. More recently, other treatment methods have been applied on household level. They are especially relevant for situations with dispersed populations, where traditional methods of centrally organised water supplies have frequently failed.

In order to choose the most appropriate alternative for the situation, water and sanitation responders need sound knowledge of a variety of methods. Promotion and education are also crucial elements for Household Water Treatment (HWT) interventions. Therefore responders should be able to link technical & educational/ promotional aspects of HWT.
By the end of the course participants are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about theoretical principles of pathogen removal
  • Distinguish between different HWT methods, including their application range and limitations
  • Practically apply different HWT methods
  • Apply safe practices of handling water treatment chemicals
  • Demonstrate awareness about the complex linkages between technology, education & promotion in HWT projects
  • Demonstrate awareness about multiple aspects of monitoring of HWT projects (incl. water quality monitoring)

This course was held from 20 March - 22 March 2012 in Warsaw, Poland.

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