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Pipelife around the World - October 2012

Development oft the Youth Center Riga

The Youth Center of the Latvian Red Cross was open in the center of Riga city (with about 700.000 inhabitants) in the summer of 2012. The Latvian Red Cross Youth Riga branch members and volunteers (about 200 persons) are having their regular meetings and activities there: trainings on social inclusion, integration, promotion of tolerance, leadership, health promotion (prevention of alcohol, drug abuse, HIH/AIDS, TB), prevention of youth violence etc.

This year Latvian Red Cross Youth was also very active organising Latvian language courses and integration camp for youngsters from third countries. A lot of youth gatherings and activities has been happening in the Youth centre since it has been open and it is planned that in future it will become very popular gathering point for more youngsters and children.

Pipelife is supporting this project because in order to function properly there are still some repair works necessary for the building (~150 square meters), where the Youth center is located, and also some equipment for increasing the variety of activities.

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