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Pipelife around the World - January 2013

Red Cross First Aid Training Centre

The Red Cross Society of Ukraine sees a clear need to improve the first aid skills of the population, which would contribute to decreased death and disability rates among victims of disasters and accidents in Ukraine.

Population in Ukraine is facing an unstable state of technogenic and natural environment. While the number of natural disasters decreased in the last 3 years, they still claim a growing number of victims. Accidents (e.g. domestic gas explosions) related to the significantly deteriorated condition (approximately 60%) of municipal infrastructure and floods, which damage 27% of the country, pose the greatest threat for the population in this area, according to the Ministry of Emergencies.

Traffic safety in Ukraine is one of the lowest throughout Europe. The death ratio for 100 accidents in Ukraine is 15-17, that is 7-8 times higher than in Austria, Germany or Sweden, and 3-4 times higher than in Hungary, Denmark, Finland or France. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2011 4,875 traffic accident victims died and 39,000 were injured, while the WHO reports that the death rate of accidents and heart attacks in Ukraine is several times higher than those in the EU and the USA.

The aim of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine is to better prepare people for provision of emergency first aid in order to decrease the death and disability rates among victims of disasters and accidents. It is planned to establish a Red Cross First Aid Training Centre in Kyiv which will provide advanced trainings for all Red Cross first aid instructors in Ukraine to further improve their qualifications and to empower them to reach more people.

The final beneficiaries reached by the trained instructors and mobilised by Red Cross volunteers would be:

  • staff of dangerous technological objects,
  • civil protection and public transportation staff,
  • teachers,
  • students of secondary schools and universities,
  • staff and volunteers of regional branches

Planned activities
The URCS seeks contributions to equip the Kyiv Red Cross First Aid Training Centre with educational equipment such as different types of mannequins, training sets, a laptop and a projector for the lectures. The premises, the Centre’s staff and the trainings for 15 First Aid instructors, Red Cross staff and volunteers would be covered by the URCS’s own resources.

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