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Pipelife around the World - July 2013

Vacation for socially vulnerable children


During school holidays, all children go on vacation. At least, that is what most people think.


In Belgium (and in a lot more other countries) not every child has this opportunity. Most of those children live in poor families. They have financial difficulties, but they are also excluded from agreeable homes, good education, good health services, cultural activities,…


For those children, Red Cross Flanders organizes summer camps. During these camps, play and fun are the most important! As the children encounter a lot of difficulties at home, they can count on as much personal attention as necessary from the volunteers. They encourage the children wherever needed, so that every child has a wonderful vacation.


The parents also benefit from these summer camps. As their children are on holiday, they can take time to rest too. Children who go with the Red Cross on holiday return to their parents with lots of nice holiday stories. On the first day in class, they also can tell stories about their vacation. This also helps to let grow the self-confidence of the children and the parents.

These summer camps are also a wonderful experience for the volunteers. They experience that poverty is a real problem in our society and that the children encounter lots of difficulties in their lives.


Red Cross Flanders organizes every summer 13 summer camps on different locations in Flanders. For each camp we need a team of approximately 21 volunteers. They take care of 40 children and do everything they can to give the children a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.


In July, Pipelife therefore decided to financially supports the Red Cross Flandars in organizing their summer camps for socially disadvantaged children.

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