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Pipelife around the World - June 2013

Support for Oklahoma after the tornadoes


Year after year, Oklahoma faces severe storms and tornadoes, and the Red Cross remains steadfast in providing warmth, comfort and support to its residents. Therefore Pipelife chose to support the American Red Cross in the month of June.
Since tornadoes and severe storms hit Oklahoma on May 19th, May 20th and again on May 31st, more than 1,600 American Red Cross workers are helping people get back on their feet – providing shelter, food, relief supplies, health services and emotional comfort.  Additionally, the Red Cross is planning for recovery over the long-term. As of June 11, 2013 the Red Cross has served more than 416,000 meals and snacks; distributed more than 378,000 relief items; facilitated nearly 1,500 Safe and Well registrations; and provided more than 17,700 health services and mental health contacts. As families and communities come to terms with the devastating impacts of these storms, the Red Cross remains an enduring symbol of hope by providing support and comfort to residents affected by both sets of severe weather.

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