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Pipelife around the World - March 2013

What you learn in kindergarden...
Slovak Red Cross - Accessible First Aid education for little children

First aid and health prevention promotion is one of the core activities of the Slovak Red Cross. The emphasis is put not only on targeting adult population, but focusing also on how to introduce first aid topic to children, starting already in kindergarten.

The Slovak Red Cross has been cooperating with primary and secondary schools for decades, for about 15 years successfuly reaching also the kindergarten. The schools and kindergarten in Slovakia often lack financial resources to enable them to organise trainings for their employees and teachers. When possible, the Slovak Red Cross is offering free first aid trainings for teachers, at the same time getting them acquinted with first aid projects specifically tailored for children of tender age (Little Eve and Children, Little Eve got ill), thus giving them possibility to insert them to their curricula.

The Slovak Red Cross, regional branch of Zilina (Northern Slovakia), has been currently putting an effort to scale up this mutual cooperation with kindergarten in its region. High-quality first aid trainings will be organised for employees of 30 kindergarten (1 teacher or educator per kindergarden) in the Slovak Red Cross fully equipped classrooms which are currently being refurnished. By training kindergarten teachers in first aid and providing them with projects´ methodology and materials  the Slovak Red Cross in Zilina aims at contributing to build more resilient and healthier community.

Children learn basic information on health prevention and first aid in a very accessible and playful way in their natural environment – kindergarten, with familiar adults – previously trained teachers and educators, often accompanied by Slovak Red Cross youth volunteers. These initiatives are very well welcome by childrens´parents who proudly watch their children perform what they learned during yearly exhibitions. Inspired by this work some of them become active Red Cross volunteers.

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