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Pipelife around the World - May 2013

National teams for emergency response


Within the past two years Red Cross of Serbia has formed and educated two National teams for emergency response in case of extreme winter conditions and floods. These teams consist of 40 Red Cross volunteers who are located in 5 regions (Belgrade, Uzice, Bajina Basta, Sjenica and Brus).

The tasks of these teams are to conduct the evacuation, distribute humanitarian aid and treat the population who were affected by disaster, and to provide supporting role to the official government services in case of emergency situations.

Experience of these teams shows that their reaction in the past would be more efficient if they had radio communication devices between team members, as well with the official government services who are reacting in case of emergency.

Procurement of radio communication devices with the support of the Pipelife Group will provide to trained Serbian Red Cross volunteers in these teams to be more efficient and operative on the field. The team efficiency, supported by Pipelife’s donation, will have an effect on humanitarian aid which is directed to the affected population and distributed by trained Red Cross volunteers.

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