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Pipelife around the World - February 2014

In the course of our group-wide charity project, Pipelife Finland has divided its donation in two parts in order to support two organizations: the Northern Ostrobothnia Heart Association and the Save the Children Foundation.

The Northern Ostrobothnia regional heart association is a part of the Finnish Heart Association and promotes heart health of the inhabitants of Northern Osthrobothnia. The main interests are to decrease the burden of heart disease, such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, hypertension and heart failure. They act to promote the treatment and rehabilitation of heart patients so that their physical, psychic and social wellness will increase.
The Northern Osthrobothnia regional heart association celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013. It consists of 4000 individual members and 20 local heart society. A large number of volunteers, including many health professionals, have participated in the activities of The Northern Osthrobothnia regional heart association. Their dedicated work is greatly appreciated.

Save the Children Finland fights for children's rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children's lives all over the world. This is achieved through efficient professional work, by influencing child policy makers, and by providing concrete help.

The charity organization works for a world where children are duly appreciated and taken into account, listened to, seen as persons from whom we can learn things, and where children are given the hope and opportunities they deserve.

Save the Children Finland is a non-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to improving the position of the whole child population and advancing due attention to safeguarding children’s best interests.

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Picture: Pipelife Finland
Picture: Pipelife Finland