Reasons for Choosing Composite Covers and Grates

16. October 2019 | 2 min read

Composite GRP Covers and Grates for manholes and inspection chambers are becoming more and more popular. We have scrutinized their increasing popularity and have tested them for you. Here is our conclusion:

Sometimes it's worth rethinking habitual choices to create a safer, more sustainable and future oriented environment. 

A considerable part of our service to you is making sure you have the best system solutions available at hand - from top to bottom, or in this case: from bottom to top.

We have added Composite Covers and Grates to complete your PRO Inspection Chambers and Manholes, Pragma® Pipes and Eco Systems products such as the oil separator Cleanbox Oil, sequencing batch reactor Cleanbox SBR and the pumping station Propump, as we believe they better match today's as well as tomorrow's requirements in many ways.

Creating a safer, more sustainable environment for all of us often requires rethinking concepts, traditions, and habits.

See, if the following 10 reasons convince you to do so, too:

Easier, safer installation with less manpower and equipment thanks to the material's combination of durability, strength and lightness.

Increased return on investment and lower maintenance costs thanks to better resistance and a lifespan of at least 40 years.

No theft, no popping out and therefore no safety hazards or replacement costs.

Silence - no more infamous clunk noise from traffic rolling over drain covers.

Reduce or eliminate odor nuisances in e.g. densely populated and recreational areas, hotel premises, etc. utilizing a sealed system.

Make your project environmentally sustainable thanks to recyclable material, inferior carbon footprint and a 400-800% longer lifespan.

Our covers are customizable (town emblem, utility type, etc.), and their aesthetics last for decades. 

Reduced inflow and contamination due to accuracy in production and tight-fit installation. An optional rubber ring makes sure the manhole or chamber is actually sealed.

With composite covers, your project complies with smart technologies such as metering, monitoring and tracking. No extra equipment is necessary.

Eliminate safety hazards and contribute to a safer environment - from installation to service.

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