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Prefab Soil and Waste Solution for Zero-Waste Construction

September 16, 2021 | 3 min read

Efficient material management and use on construction sites not only reduces time and costs but also reduces waste and CO2 emissions. The new housing development project “Heiergarden Terrasse” in Rakkestad, Norway, aims to do just that. To ensure fast, zero-waste installation of the soil and waste system in the building, the subcontractor Askim & Mysen Rør AS chose Pipelife Norway for their prefabricated piping systems.

The Importance of the Planning Phase

The planning of the three-story “Heiergarden Terrasse” building comprising 25 apartments, a roof terrace, shop premises on street level, and a parking basement, was done by one of the subcontractors Askim & Mysen Rør AS BIM designer with generic models.  Pipelife was brought into the picture in late-2020. When Pipelife Norway’s Business Developer Kjetil Løften approached Askim & Mysen Rør AS with a prefabricated soil and waste system, they became highly interested in the solution. A pilot project was set up to the principles of a waste-free construction site. From manufacturing to construction, all parties were eager to complete this project with zero material waste on-site.

Since the design plans had already been finalized based on generic objects, the design company NTI and Pipelife worked together on adaptations to integrate Pipelife prefab soil and waste system Smartline.  

“If we had known about Pipelife’s prefab solution earlier, we would have taken Pipelife on board already during the design phase. Contrary to traditional construction processes, it is very important to include the supplier as early as possible especially when it comes to prefab solutions.,” says Ingar Heer, the operations manager at Askim & Mysen Rør AS.

Zero Waste Prefab

Record-Time Installation of Soil and Waste Pipes 

Once the reprojection was done, the soil and waste systems went into production. They were cut and assembled according to the digital plan on the production site by experienced plumbers. Everything was split up into three deliveries for the installer at specified times. 

The prefabricated Smartline soil and waste pipes were chosen for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens, and were appreciated for their flush interior sockets design, which contributes to safe and long-lasting service life. Since the piping system is covered with concrete, it needs to be especially durable and strong, with minimal need for maintenance. Due to these qualities, Smartline was also the ideal choice for the future inhabitants of the building.  

According to Askim & Mysen Rør AS, the complete prefabricated systems allowed them to install the soil and waste network in record time spending 30% less time on site. Also, it saved around 20% of piping material, which cut costs and reduced CO2 emissions due to decreased transportation. Also, the product system reduced fitting costs by approximately 60%. Furthermore, with the prefabricated solution, there is less risk to have errors during installation since everything is already assembled and tested under strict factory conditions. All this allowed Askim & Mysen Rør AS to install the soil and waste network in record time!


Rethinking the Value Chain

Traditionally, building services suppliers are not taken into consideration during the beginning stages of the project. They are selected after the planning has already been done. This often presents challenges that delay construction work. The work is fragmented with many trades simultaneously on-site, which can lead to extra costs and extensive waste management. The new value chain, that requires the supplier to be involved from start, is making a great change towards more cost-effective and sustainable project execution, especially when using prefabricated or pre-assembled solutions.

 “I see and feel that the project has created enthusiasm and optimism for everyone involved. As a manufacturer, we strongly believe that we will be able to build our future business on the principles of waste-free construction sites. To get there, we are heavily investing in software, technical equipment, and production lines,” says Løften, Pipelife Norway’s Business Developer.

It’s safe to say that with the help of Pipelife’s prefabricated solutions and interest from contractors and designers, we can move away from spending time on the construction site and dedicate more time to the planning phase. It allows us to notably reduce waste, costs, and errors.

Zero Waste Prefab Soil and Waste Solution

“Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) product models were developed several years ago. Now, that we apply them we can confirm that we have enough information to ensure easy and correct installation of our prefabricated solutions,” states Kjetil Løften.


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