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Connecting Communities to Centralized Water Supply in Southeast Poland

January 26, 2022 | 3 min read

After years of obtaining drinking water from local wells, five villages in Klimontow municipality were connected to a central water supply network. However, the project was challenging, as large-scale trenching in the built-up zones would have resulted in massive disruptions. Pipelife Poland delivered more than 12 km of pipes for trenchless installation, ensuring hygienically safe and lasting potable water supply for the local communities.

Safe Water Infrastructure for Everyone

Before the modernization project, residents in the Ossolin, Wilkowice, Śniekozy, Zakrzów, and Goźlice villages of Klimontów municipality were relying on local wells. Therefore, ensuring quality drinking water was challenging for everyone.

The investor Kimontow Commune Office started the modernization of the network to centralize the potable water supply system and switch the responsibility of ensuring safe drinking water from local people to utilities. The project was co-financed by the Polish Rural Development Program (RDP) and a loan from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.  

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Building a Large-Scale Pipeline without Digging

Due to the scale of the project, it was not feasible to close villages for the whole construction period, and horizontal directional drilling was used to resolve the issue. The project contractor Consortium was selected in December 2020, and installation works had to be completed by the end of September 2021.

As the project covered an extensive area, the work was divided into two stages. In total, Pipelife Poland supplied 12 km of PE 100 RC PN10 pipes of 160 mm diameter for the construction of the water main. As the contractor had worked with Pipelife’s products previously, they were already convinced about the quality of the pipes.

The route of the new pipeline was designed considering the local conditions and preserving road surfaces as much as possible. The investor requested pipes equipped with a copper detection wire, which would allow early identification of any potential failures in the network and quick localization of the damaged pipe after installation.

Trenchless methods put high demands on the pipes, and detecting damages after installation can be challenging. That is why PE 100 RC pipes were selected, widely considered the industry-leading solution in Poland when it comes to longevity and preventing damage from point loads and cracks. Placing a detection wire inside the pipe is an additional safety measure of the new network’s reliability.

A pile of PE 100 RC pipes | Pipelife

Modern Water Supply System for the Future Growth

The project has allowed Klimontów’s population access to safe drinking water, which is supplied from Wilkowice. The intakes are situated on the Wilkówka and Zimnik streams flowing out of the Magurka slope. The old wells in the villages have been closed to prevent contamination risks. In times of drought, the water utility additionally relies on three wells with a depth of ~100 m each and a total capacity of about 400 m3/day.

Undeveloped plots have also been connected to the new water main, ensuring future housing development and growth for the communities in Klimontów municipality. In addition, modernization continues in the previously built parts of Klimontow’s water supply network, gradually replacing aged and defective steel pipes with PE systems.

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