Construction site for the production unit expansion and bio energy production in Ennsdorf | Pipelife

Powerful Concept — Secure Cables: Pipelife Cable Protection Systems for the New Ennsdorf Oil Mill

January 26, 2022 | 4 min read

In Ennsdorf, an additional production facility for high-quality oils is currently being built at an existing site of one of the “hidden champions” of the Austrian economy. Here, VFI Oils for Life is building Austria's largest organic oil mill with bio-energy production. In use on site: cable protection systems from Pipelife.

Vegetable Oils and Fats from Austria

VFI Oils for Life operates two facilities for the production of vegetable oils and fats — one in Wels (Upper Austria) and one in Ennsdorf (Lower Austria). The facility in Ennsdorf is now being expanded to include an additional oil mill, which will be supplied with energy in a revolutionary and simultaneously sustainable manner thanks to a bio-energy generation plant. This exciting project represents the largest single investment in the history of VFI Oils for Life — and is at the same time a strong commitment to Austria as a business location. The “hidden champion” is known for its brands such as Bona and Frivissa, and is the market leader in cooking oils. 

Construction site for the production unit expansion and bio energy production in Ennsdorf | Pipelife
Construction site for the production unit expansion and bio energy production in Ennsdorf

Major Electrical Supply & Cable Protection Project


Modern production facilities of this size are, of course, dependent on a secure electrical supply and protected cables. As a rule, they are also equipped with their own transformer station. Karl Oberklammer from Elektro Oberklammer GmbH, has been working with the traditional Austrian company VFI for 15 years. One part of his team almost constantly works for VFI. Together, they have already implemented several exciting projects and works at both sites.

Due to the high standards required for cable protection, Oberklammer relies on Pipelife's quality products both in Wels and at the new Ennsdorf II oil mill. 5,000 m of protective piping were laid in Wels in the last two years, while a good 7,000 m of cable protection are already in use at the new Ennsdorf site.

Cablemaster pipe stored at the construction site and ready to be installed | Pipelife
Cablemaster pipes stored at the construction site and ready to be installed

In 2021, the pallet warehouse in Wels was equipped with an additional transformer station with a one-megawatt connection. At the new oil mill in Ennsdorf, which is currently being built, a new press, peeling facility, and biogas plant are under construction. The power supply lines to the silos and their monitoring systems, the transformer connection, secure data line installations, lightning protection, safety installations, as well as the wiring of the power supply connection to the grid are planned for the project. In terms of electrical installations and cable protection, the expansion of the oil mill in Ennsdorf is definitely a major project for 2022.

“The biggest challenge of the project in terms of cable protection lies with the large amounts of piping, as well as the large number of cables and cable harnesses. Here, we can rely on the cable protection systems from Pipelife as well as their excellent support,” notes Oberklammer.

For him, such good cooperation represents an important success factor in this project, both with VFI as the client and with Pipelife.

Cablemaster pipes installed | Pipelife

All-Rounder in Cable Protection


In the future, the proven Cablemaster cable duct will ensure that cables and lines are laid safely at the production facility. With its wide range of applications, it is an all-rounder in flexible cable ducts and is used in electrical power, high-voltage current, communications, and communications technology. With Cablemaster, underground infrastructure remains protected and safe, and this also applies to lines planned for the future. The pipe is often installed as an empty conduit for retrofitted cables. Spacers such as those used in Ennsdorf also make layering possible. The Cablemaster cable ducts will ensure optimally protected cables in Austria's largest oil mill.

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