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Revisiting a Sewer Manhole after 5 Years without Maintenance

January 26, 2022 | 3 min read

In June 2016, a Pipelife PRO manhole was installed in a busy road section in the city of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The goal was to ensure safer traffic and less disturbance in the area, as the existing sewer collector required frequent maintenance and had to be dug up each time it got clogged. Five years after installation, Pipelife had a chance to revisit the site with the client for a routine inspection.

Connecting Wastewater Systems of Various Materials

It was more than five years ago when Pipelife Bulgaria, together with Water and Sewerage EOOD-Blagoevgrad and HTI Bulgaria, installed a sewer inspection manhole, type PRO1000, in Blagoevgrad. The existing sewer collector DN 250 in this area lately required regular maintenance and cleaning; therefore, a better solution was urgently needed.

The problematical sewer collector was situated between two existing inspection chambers made of concrete. However, the inspection chambers were located too far from each other, making the pipeline between them hard to reach. Clogging became a frequent issue, and every time it happened, the area had to be dug up for maintenance.

Installing a PRO1000 manhole between the already-existing inspection chambers meant that the maintenance work would be greatly reduced, and, in case of clogging, the area could be easily accessed. Furthermore, Pipelife’s solution range allowed for an easy connection to the existing sewage infrastructure, despite the differences in material and size. 

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Speedy Installation for Less Disturbance

The straightforward installation process was another factor that convinced the clients to collaborate with Pipelife. Installing concrete manholes usually requires a considerable amount of time and effort due to their heaviness. In contrast, Pipelife’s PRO manholes are durable but light in weight, which makes the installation faster and less complicated. The process also requires less equipment and fewer people, decreasing the total costs.

The installation of a 2.9-meters-deep manhole, along with all the necessary fittings, required only six hours. Furthermore, most of this time was needed for backfilling, asphalt laying, and rolling. Since the manhole is located in an urban area, a faster installation meant fewer interruptions for the local community.

Reduced Costs and Less Maintenance

Pipelife’s PRO manholes have a smooth interior surface, and using them together with Pragma pipes helps prevent sedimentation. As a result, fewer cleaning operations are needed bringing down the maintenance costs. Furthermore, Pipelife uses premium quality raw materials that ensure very high chemical resistance and tightness of the connections.

Another advantage of PRO inspection chambers and manholes is that they can be easily tailored to specific needs. As Pipelife develops and manufactures all the main products and solutions in its own factories, they can be easily adapted and connected with other systems, meeting each project’s unique conditions.

Revisiting installation site | Pipelife

Revisiting the Installation Site

Five years later, EOOD-Blagoevgrad conducted a routine sewage inspection procedure. No cleaning or interventions were needed or performed meanwhile. Pipelife’s experts were also on the site to make sure that the PRO inspection manhole was functioning well and ensuring optimal flow.

“Flawless service was exactly what we expected to see. PRO inspection chambers have proven their durability and water tightness over all these years on the Bulgarian market,” explains Desislava Cherkezova, Product Manager at Pipelife Bulgaria.

Long-term Partnership serving the Local Community

Pipelife’s previously established cooperation with EOOD-Blagoevgrad and HTI Bulgaria was the driving force behind this project. The close collaboration between the companies made it possible to resolve the issue in the best possible way, reducing the associated time, costs, and serving the city of Blagoevgrad long-term.

The inspection not only proved the success of the installation project carried out five years ago but also reinforced the clients’ trust and confidence in Pipelife’s products and services. 

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