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09. May 2020 | 4 min read

Pipelife Austria has supplied the majority of the pipes and accessory components for the building services of a residential complex in Götzendorf, Lower Austria. From the domestic water supply line, through distribution lines, and underfloor heating, to the soil and waste system, everything has been provided from a single source. The responsible service and installation company chose Pipelife as partner in this project, not just because of the broad product range itself, but a lot came down to the service and personal support we also provide.

Reference Details

HWSI Hinterobermaier



  • Silent soil and waste system: Master 3 PLUS
  • Multi-layer water supply pipe system: RADOPRESS 
  • Underfloor heating: FLOORTHERM
Residential complex with 31 residences
Residential complex with 31 residences

Residential complex with 31 residences

On behalf of the housing cooperative GEBÖS, a residential complex with 31 residences and an underground car park is currently being built in Götzendorf. The domestic, technical installation is being carried out by the local services and installation company HWSI Hinterobermaier. The residences are equipped with controlled room ventilation and underfloor heating with an air to water heat pump.

Excellent MASTER 3 PLUS sound-insulated soil and waste system

Especially in residential buildings, good sound insulation is important for drainage. MASTER 3 PLUS is the perfect solution for meeting the demands to modern housing. The new system fittings have a greater wall thickness and are on average 60% heavier. This results in a higher stiffness class (SN4) as well as excellent sound insulation properties.

The new shape of the pipe ensures perfect alignment from the inserted spigot end to the fitting and this reduces any turbulence. A completely new addition to the range is the SWEPT tee-piece that comes in the form of bow. This enables a significantly higher drainage capacity compared to normal junctions, which means that more residential units can be connected to each fall pipe.

Thanks to the stab depth mark, the installer can see at a glance whether the plug connection has been made correctly.

High-quality water supply and distribution lines

PE piping systems from Pipelife were used for the domestic water supply lines. These are tested according to EN 12201 and ÖNORM B 5014 and are ÖVGW/GRIS certified. This means that they meet the highest quality standards for underground water lines.

The multi-layer piping system RADOPRESS from Pipelife handles the distribution of the cold and warm water in the house as well as the heating distribution (smaller dimensions). All pipes and fittings are designed for a minimum service life of 50 years, the system is universally applicable for sanitary and heating installations, brine, cooling and compressed air piping. RADOPRESS pipes combine the beneficial material properties of polyethylene with those of aluminum and, in this way, guarantee the highest possible operational safety.

The RADOPRESS fittings in the dimensions OD 16 to OD 40 leak if unpressed. This means that if a connection was accidentally not pressed, this can be clearly identified during the pressure test (even at a low test pressures). This provides additional security during installation. In this project, we used the dimensions OD 16, 20, 26, 32 and 40. Overall, the system is available up to dimension Da 75.

FLOORTHERM underfloor heating

Almost 14,000 meters of Pipelife PE-RT pipes (OD 17 mm) with an internal oxygen barrier were used for the underfloor heating. This type of piping has a high degree of flexibility and is therefore easy to process even at cold temperatures.

The Pipelife heating circuit manifolds made of stainless steel were supplied pre-assembled and ready for installation on sound-insulated and galvanized consoles. Distributors with 5-8 outlets were used for this project. The FLOORTHERM distributors are available with 2 to 15 outlets.

The heating distribution pipes in larger dimensions were designed with the C-steel system "C-PRESS". The system is available in the dimensions OD 15 to 108 mm. All leak if unpressed and therefore ensure safe installation.


What did the installation company think of Pipelife as a cooperation partner? Harald Hinterobermaier, owner of HWSI GmbH, is very satisfied with the cooperation as he said: "In our eyes, Pipelife is a strong partner you can rely on in all respects. It covers almost all areas thanks to its vast product portfolio. Punctual deliveries, as well as exceptional service, make them the perfect cooperation partner. This applies not only to this project but also to previous projects, such as the primary school in Götzendorf."
"Always there for us"

Most of the materials were delivered directly to the construction site from Pipelife Austria's central warehouse in Krems or the sales office in Bruck/Leitha. Regional sales representative, Marc Pampusch, took care of the on-site support. Harald Hinterobermaier has praised the support provided by the dedicated Pipelife team: "The employees from the sales department, both the technicians in planning and the sales representatives who supported us, are more than just partners. They demonstrate excellent competence, responsiveness and helpfulness and are always there for us."

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