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December 15, 2020 | 2 min read

The construction of a new supermarket in the municipality of Lebring in Austria called for the installation of an infiltration system. The construction company had little experience in this field and thus turned to Pipelife Austria. Pipelife took over the quantity take-off, delivered all the materials directly to the construction site and explained how to install the system on-site. In a competitive market, this service ultimately made all the difference.

Rainwater management is an ecologically important topic and increasing numbers of developers are recognizing the need to deal with the question of "where to put the rainwater". This also applies to the new supermarket, which has been under construction in Lebring since October 1st. The plan was for the rainwater that falls on the roof and car park to be drained into a sufficiently large system.

However, Heimo Zitz, the site manager at Süd West Bau who was responsible for the project, and his team did not have much experience with the construction of such a system, which is why he turned to Pipelife customer advisor Armin Radauer long before construction began and asked him for support.

Raineo Stormwater Infiltration Lebring, Austria
Close cooperation is the key to successful projects: Armin Radauer (left) and Markus Koller, foreman at Süd West Bau (right)

Planning service and direct delivery

Using the project specifications, the Pipelife technicians determined the material requirements. 168 Raineo® Stormboxes, 42 base plates and 2 inspection shafts were provided for the 36m³ infiltration volume.* The implementation of the project was delayed due to COVID-19. Construction began on  October 1st 2020 and the stormboxes were installed on October 14th. Pipelife delivered all the materials along with accessories such as fleece and sewer pipes directly to the construction site from their sales office in Graz.



The site manager was highly impressed by Pipelife’s all-round service. Heimo Zitz stated: “The people at Pipelife are simply good at what they do, the planning and advice were fantastic. And the fact that they showed us what to look out for when installing the system on-site is a sign of top-notch service. There are other companies that provide products for stormwater management. But a partner you can rely on is more important than ever in these times."

* Note: The planning took place some time ago, hence the inclusion of the Stormbox I program, which has now been delivered according to the plan.

Raineo Stormwater Infiltration Lebring, Austria
The system was quickly assembled, despite being a premier for the contractor.

Raineo Infiltration Systems

Pipelife’s Raineo Stormwater Management Solutions are modular systems. Shafts, manholes, supply and discharge pipes, etc., all fits together. 

Raineo Stormwater Infiltration Lebring, Austria


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