Historically Large Pipe Delivery for Historic Luxury Hotel

10. June 2019 | 4 min read

Pipelife Norway has delivered a large amount of service installation and HVAC pipes to the venerable Britannia Hotel in Trondheim. All of them were produced at the factory in Surnadal. Restaurant director Ida Elisabeth Donheim herself hails from Surnadal, and she appreciates the fact that locally-produced pipes are used in ceilings, walls and floors at Trondheim's new premium hotel.

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Britannia Hotel in Trondheim


  • K-pieces - flexible PVC plastic pipes on coil
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April 1st this year saw the re-opening of the Britannia Hotel in all its glory, after three years of full renovations that cost 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner. Pipelife Norway in Surnadal has provided the hotel with both its management and its pipes. Ida Elisabeth Dønheim, from Bofjord in Surnadal, is the hotel's assistant director and restaurant director. Here she is in charge of no fewer than six restaurants that employ about 100 of the hotel's 240 employees.

Locally produced pipes

Ida Elisabeth grew up a few kilometers from the main office of Pipelife Norway. She knows Pipelife well from the time she worked as a manager at the Varsog Hotel in Surnadal.

Being asked about her thoughts regarding the fact that many of Pipelife's products can be found in the floors as well as in the ceilings and walls of the new Britannia, she speaks of a storybook start for the Britannia:

"Britannia cares about consistent quality. That makes it perfectly natural for us to opt for suppliers who have the same approach to quality. It is therefore very nice that a leading company such as Pipelife, from my home municipality, has made essential and important deliveries that make it possible for the hotel to operate at its best, every day.

All the things that we don't see every day, such as pipes and electrical feeds, we basically take for granted. These service lines are absolutely vital if our hotel is to deliver quality 24/7."

Historically large delivery

For Pipelife Norway, this delivery of electrical conduits to Britannia counts among the greatest in their history. Almost 100 kilometers of pipe have been delivered for the electrical installations of ceilings, walls and floors at the venerable hotel. This length is distributed across 71,504 meters of K-pieces - flexible PVC plastic pipes on coil, mainly 16 and 20 mm in diameter. 23,700 meters of PVC installation pipes have also been delivered, with dimensions ranging from 16 to 50 mm. These pipes are delivered in lengths of four meters, and a total of 5,925 have been delivered in this project.

"It is nice to have been part of such a big and exciting project as Britannia. In this project, we have had a very good cooperation partner in Vintervoll AS, the contractor in charge of the electrical installations. We have rarely delivered as many pipes as we did at the Britannia," says Dag Sandnesaunet, Key Account Manager for electro and cable protection at Pipelife Norway.

Locally developed and produced sink traps

In Norway, Pipelife is the supplier with the most complete assortment of plastic piping. Pipelife Norway has also supplied pipes and fittings from their Smartline range for the Britannia project. Company Oras AS has been responsible for plumbing services in this project. Pipelife has also delivered quite a few sink traps, as well as other pipes and parts. While most of the piping is now concealed behind walls and under floors, Pipelife's traps are still visible under the basins of the luxurious bathrooms.

Stian Svendsen Oen, HVAC sales manager for Pipelife Norway AS, really appreciates that the hotel has chosen locally produced, high quality products: "It is great news for us that Smartline, the in our opinion, best and most modern drainage system in Europe, is being used at Norway's most exquisite hotel. Everything that is delivered from Pipelife Norway is produced in Surnadal, and Smartline has also been developed by our development department in Surnadal. So, the pipe deliveries to the Britannia are locally-produced in every way," says Oen.

Facts about the Britannia

The Britannia Hotel is located in the middle of Trondheim downtown, and today offers 257 rooms. The hotel opened in 1870 and has had several different owners over time. Rema entrepreneur Odd Reitan bought the hotel in 2015. After its renovation, Britannia is a five-star hotel, and a member of the "Leading Hotels of the World" chain. Britannia Hotel has six dining areas, among which the restaurant Palmehaven has been re-created in all its former glory.

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