Pragma Pipes for Road Safety in Poland

21. December 2020 | 5 min read

The noble goal of the Via Carpathia route is to connect Northern and Southern Europe – from Klaipėda, Lithuania on the Baltic Sea to Thessaloniki, Greece on the Aegean Sea. About 700 km of the route runs through Poland, and Pipelife’s Pragma pipes contributed to the construction of a key 40 km section between Lublin and Rzeszów. Strong local presence along with history of close partnerships ensured success in delivering the stormwater drainage system for this section of the trans-European route.

Poland Via Carpathia Road Drainage
Via Carpathia is a key transport corridor connecting Northern and Southern Europe. Pipelife delivered 40 km of Pragma drainage pipe systems for a section of the expressway in Poland.


The concept for a route from Lithuania to Hungary was born in 2006. Bulgaria, Romania and Greece joined the initiative in 2010, extending the route to Thessaloniki and the Mediterranean Sea. A separate branch in the south will reach the Black Sea in Romania.


When building a new road, the accompanying infrastructure is a key part of the process, including stormwater drainage. Although several large companies in the Polish market specialize in plastic infrastructure, 80% of the materials for the stormwater drainage systems in this project were provided by Pipelife. This is  a tribute to the quality of Pipelife products and the trust built by strong partnerships with both investors and contractors.

The project contractors benefit from Pipelife’s global expertise and decades of experience. In Poland the company has previously supplied materials for several General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) projects. Last year Pipelife supplied about 30 km of Pragma pipes for the construction of the Warsaw S2 bypass.

In another successful collaboration Pipelife delivered approximately 40 km of various diameter and ring stiffness Pragma pipes for this project. The contractors could feel secure knowing they can count on the reliability of local teams to help them deliver safe roads.


The majority of financing for construction of the Via Carpathia route comes from the European Union. The table below shows the total cost of the project for each section in addition to the contribution from EU financing.




S19-Lublin-Kraśnik 1 488 600 700 PLN 736 586 673 PLN
S19-kraśnik-lasy janowskie 992 166 150 PLN 568 420 286 PLN
S19-lasy janowskie-nisko 917 408 465 PLN 468 342 018 PLN
S19-nisko-sokołów mlp. 1 132 005 519 PLN 587 297 822 PLN


Construction on the 40 km section began in 2018, and if all goes according to plan the entire route will be completed in 2022. Six main contractors are currently working on the Polish section of the route: Aldesa, Mota, Strabag, Mosty Łódź, Mostostal and Budimex. Pipelife has already had successful partnerships with each of these contractors, making Pragma pipes the go-to solution. 

There are several reasons contractors choose to go with Pragma pipes, including:

  • Long service life due to high ring stifness
  • Light weight for easy installation
  • Durability from high abrasion resistance
  • Any-season installation thanks to resistance to low temperatures
  • Compatibility with smooth-walled systems


For years Poland has seemingly been one big construction site. New roads from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains and from the Odra River to the Bug River are in various stages of construction. “Much has been done, but there is still a lot left to do. We will keep providing high quality service and materials to as many projects as possible,” said Pipelife Poland Key Account Manager Wiktor Stachurski. “Our specialists were present during the construction or renovation of most of the main roads in Poland, and we plan to continue this trend.” Pipelife looks forward to the work ahead in helping projects like this one run efficiently, reliably and with the least possible carbon footprint. 

Product Overview: 

40 KM OF Pipelife PRAGMA PIPES were USED during construction of THE expressway section BETWEEN LUBLIN AND Rzeszów

Product lines ID, OD Pragma®
ID, OD Pragma Ø200 - 1000 mm; SN8 – SN16
Total lenght of pipes installed 40km
Installation method Open trench


Websites for individual sections:

S19 – Lublin – Niedrzwica Duża
S19 – Niedrzwica Duża – Kraśnik
S19 – obwodnica Kraśnika
S19 – Kraśnik – Janów Lubelski
S19 – obwodnica Janowa Lubelskiego
S19 – Janów Lubelski – Lasy Janowskie
S19 – Lasy Janowskie – Zdziary
S19 – Zdziary – Rudnik nad Sanem
S19 – Rudnik nad Sanem – Nisko
S19 – Nisko – Podgórze
S19 – Podgórze – Kamień
S19 – Kamień – Sokołów Małopolski


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