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Pipelife Gas-Stop™ is an Excess Flow Valve that is installed in gas service and distribution lines. In the event of damage to the pipe infrastucture, e.g. in course of construction work, the Pipelife Gas-Stop shuts off automatically within fractions of a second and thus prevents gas from escaping.

Almost 10 million Pipelife Gas-Stop in 40 countries around the world ensure enhanced safety in gas supply networks. In approximately 50,000 cases, uncontrolled gas leaks and possible personal injury or property damage were prevented.

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Pipelife Gas-Stop™ for service lines

One of the most common causes of unintended gas escapes is damage to service lines in the course of civil engineering work. The Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ offers extra safety and protection.

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Pipelife Gas-Stop™ for main lines

Regional transport and distribution lines are set up with operating pressures of up to 16 bar. Since 1997, further developed Gas-Stop ™ have been installed in these distribution systems of dimensions d63 / DN50 to d160 / DN150.


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In our download center, you will find all important documents on Pipelife Gas-Stop™, such as the product catalog, installation instructions, and data sheets.

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Pipelife Gas-Stop™ Inspection Certificates Online

The easy access to your inspection certificates. Please have your Customer-ID and required LOT-Number(s) ready before starting.

Our Quality Promise

For the various product lines, there are different international certifications for the Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ in various European countries and also overseas, depending on the respective pipe network-specific requirements.

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Our Quality Promise

100% tested



Quality & safety

The Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ is characterized by the highest quality criteria and reliable functionality.

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