Gas Stop for Main Lines

Regional transport and distribution lines are set up with operating pressures of up to 16 bar. Since 1997, further developed Pipelife Gas-Stop™ have been installed in these distribution systems in dimensions of d63 / DN50 to d160 / DN150.

The main reasons for the development and use of these Pipelife Gas-Stop™ types are the experiences of gas network operators after damage to distribution systems as described below:

At operating pressures of 4 or 5 bar, very large amounts of gas escape. This leads to considerable accident risks, especially in built-up areas.

Due to the increasing volume of traffic, the travel times of emergency teams to the location of the damage can be extended or the travel distances are also longer due to the expansion of the area gas supply.

When large amounts of gas escape, the pressure drop in the pipe network can reach a level that leads to large-scale supply failures or even destroys meters in regulator stations.

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You will find all types of Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ as well as technical data sheets in our product catalog. You can find our installation instructions and other downloads in our download center Download-Center.

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