Pipelife Gas-Stop™ Quality and Safety!

Installed worldwide - gas network operators have been relying on the reliability of the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ since 1992.

In 1992 the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ was presented for the first time after two years of development. Today Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ is one of the most successful export products of Pipelife Austria. Energy supply companies in over 40 countries in and outside Europe rely on the safe function and the plus in their distribution networks. Pipelife Austria is the number one partner for products that protect actively, against unintended gas escapes after the damage to gas lines.

More than 10 million installed Pipelife Gas-Stop™ send a clear message here.

Quality - with Safety!

Tested and tracable

Pipelife Gas-Stop ™ are safety products that are subject to the highest demands in terms of service life and operational safety. The products are subject to extensive quality tests. The most important test step concerns the function before delivery. The shut-off flow rate and leak rate of each individual Pipelife Gas-Stop™ are recorded on a computer-controlled test stand using the most modern measuring equipment.

The positive test result is documented on the product by assigning a consecutive serial number.

Production Test Stand Pipelife Gas-Stop


In order to ensure the reliability of the function in normal operation as well as when shutting-off in practical operating situations, Pipelife Gas-Stop™ units are also continuously tested on a natural gas test bench constructed specifically for this purpose. This test bench is also used to determine influences (e.g. pulses) from the regulating devices and consumer appliances situated upstream and/or downstream of the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ unit or also from pipe network sections and to take these into account accordingly in the product characteristics. Of course, practically relevant customer-specific tests can also be carried out.

Test Facility Pipelife Gas-Stop
Operating Principle Pipelife Gas-Stop
Function Of The Pipelife Gas-Stop
Pipelife Gas-Stop Video (EN)

Safe Operation

In the event of damage - e.g. through excavation work - the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ integrated in the system shuts-off automatically in fractions of a second as soon as the specified limit value for the shut-off flow rate is exceeded on the line system from the main to the pressure regulator.

In contrast, the Pipelife Gas-Stop™  during normal operation always remains open, at the specified maximum nominal consumption of the gas customer. In any case, safe in the open position. Malfunctions in normal operation are excluded.

Customers Using Pipelife Gas Stop™

 Pipelife Gas-Stop™ is now state-of-the-art and is an integral part of modern gas supply networks. More than 10 million units have been installed in 40 countries in and outside of Europe.

Since it was first used, around 45,000 cases of gas leakage after damage to gas lines have been prevented by using the Pipelife Gas-Stop™.

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