New Sales Office and Warehouse in Wels  | Pipelife

Uniting Sustainability and Customer Proximity: Pipelife Austria’s New Sales Office & Warehouse

03. November 2021 | 3 min read

Proximity, sustainability, innovation, and collaboration – this is what our clients and partners appreciate us for, and these are the four pillars on which Pipelife Austria is building its new outlet in Wels, Upper Austria.  Strategically well situated next to a growing city Pipelife increases its local presence and product accessibility considerably.  Comprising several of Pipelife’s own systems, the building was designed and constructed using various sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. To ensure flawless project execution in time Pipelife Austria entrusted the long-standing partner Ingeba and Gerstl Bau for the design and construction of the building. Thermal Comfort for a State-of-the-Art Building 

Location is Key 

The ground-breaking for the construction of the 1,420 m2 building on a 7,300m2 plot took place on April 27, 2021. Mayor Dr. Andreas Rabl was also there to mark the day: “We are pleased that Pipelife is investing in a state-of-the-art location in Wels. In addition to creating new jobs, this is an important impetus for the regional construction and installation sector, which finds a local supplier of high-quality pipe systems and accessories here.”

Harald Schwarzmayr, CEO Pipelife, highlights: “We are a global company, but we are a local supplier and it’s important we are close to our markets and customers. With the new strategically well-located outlet in Austria, we are ensuring our customers excellent logistics. The larger inventory and the central location in Wels allow us to strengthen our local presence, offering our customers more possibilities and flexibility in supply.”

For easier retrieval of e.g., urgently needed goods, the outlet will include a 24/7 pick-up zone with access from outside the area. With an entry code, customers receive access to orders from the complete Pipelife Austria infrastructure, buildings technology and irrigation assortment - around the clock and 7 days a week. 

New Sales and Warehouse Building   | Pipelife
New Sales Office and Warehouse in Wels  | Pipelife

Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Next to the warehouse and sales office, there will also be a designated area for meetings and customer training events, which will provide opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the location will also have a show garden to display Pipelife Austria’s irrigation systems in a real-life setting.

Becoming Greener and Effectively Managing Rainwater 

Another aspect of high importance to Pipelife is sustainability. The building was designed to be energy-efficient and long-lasting, comprising a variety of Pipelife’s own sustainable solutions for rainwater management, irrigation, heating, drainage, and more.

To keep the building cool during summer and efficiently manage rainfall, the office building will have its own green rooftop and green wall. Various plants will help keep the building cool during the warmer months, saving energy used for the cooling system. Furthermore, the plants will be watered using collected rainwater from the roof, garden, and surrounding areas. It is stored in Pipelife Stormboxes installed beneath the pavement next to the warehouse. Apart from saving valuable drinking water for irrigation, the solution scores with further two benefits - excess water is infiltrated back into the earth replenishing the groundwater, and it prevents overflows and flooding in cases of heavy rainfalls. 

Last but definitely not least, the Stormwater Management system Grünmuldenstein (GMS) is a space-saving alternative where its infiltration area can also be used as a traffic area. It will effectively manage surface water and protect against flooding of the parking lot.  

New Sales Office and Warehouse

Reducing Carbon Footprint with Energy-Efficient Solutions

The façade of the building isn’t the only green solution that will contribute to reducing the building’s carbon footprint. As a clean energy source, solar panels were installed on the rooftop of the building providing electricity for heating and cooling as well as for charging the batteries for all e-forklifts.

They will also be the primary source of energy for Pipelife’s underfloor heating system, providing thermal comfort for the office building and warehouse, comprising of 1,500 m2 area. Also, it will provide energy for air conditioning and the air source heat pump in the office building and complete lighting (LED).  Enough green energy will be generated also to feed two parking spots with power chargers for electric cars. Needless to mention that all electricity runs through Pipelife produced electrical conduits. 

Efficient Wastewater Management

To ensure efficient and long-lasting wastewater management system for the building, the outlet will also have Pipelife soil & waste pipe systems installed. With easy maintenance system, they will contribute to a quiet and reliable transfer of wastewater out of the building.

All the aforementioned solutions contribute to the longevity and resilience of the building. No matter the weather, the building will be able to provide a safe space to work and store goods. At the same time, it serves as a best practice example of Pipelife’s solutions and the impact they make.  

New Sales Office and Warehouse in Wels  | Pipelife


Sustainable and innovative solutions may make up half of the job, but it’s good partnerships and collaboration that turn projects into success. This project is no exception. Markus Fehringer, the owner of Gerstl Bau, and Gerold Wimmer, the managing director, shared their thoughts on the project and their partnership with Pipelife Austria: “We have been working with Pipelife products for many years and are pleased that we are able to implement this major project. The short construction time is of course a challenge, but we are confident that we can do it within the given timeframe. As a loyal partner of Pipelife, we will benefit from the new branch in day-to-day operations."

Thanks to the good partnership, great planning, and logistics, the construction of Pipelife Austria’s new outlet in Wels will open for business already at the beginning of 2022.  

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