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Rain is part of our life. You can efficiently manage it to protect buildings and save on resources.


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Your ideal rainwater management solution

With heavy rain and unusual weather on the rise, we are experiencing more flash floods and droughts. However, with adequate systems in place, we can protect affected areas from flooding, dampness and damage; while saving on resources by harvesting and reusing rainwater, and reducing wastewater.

Taking into consideration that everyone’s property is different and needs vary; we offer modular systems and a variety of solutions for rainwater management to cover all possibilities. In this way you can choose the most suitable structure to fit your facility’s requirements. 

Wondering where to put all your rainwater?

Whether it is for your home, office space or outside area, it is very likely that you face the same challenge: where to put all the rainwater from roofs, parking lots and other sealed areas?  

Fortunately, there are many solutions available for you to redirect, catch, clean and store or drain rainwater, so your property is protected, with the added benefit of reusing or properly discharging excess water.

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Why install a rainwater management system

What a lot of people don’t realize, is once installed, an effective rainwater management system won’t cost you anything to maintain and can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. Furthermore, it’s never too late to install.

Pipelife’s stormwater management system can be customized to meet various requirements and installed in multiple layouts and complex structures thanks to its modular set-up. Similar to Lego, all components fit into a comprehensive system, which is adaptable in size, volume and number. In this way, you can harvest rainwater whenever and wherever you choose.  

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The multiple benefits from managing rainwater

Rainwater harvesting

Essentially, rainwater that falls on your roof or around your property is free. It is also one of our most precious resources. Therefore, rather than using valuable tap water, rainwater can be captured and collected from sealed surfaces and roofs to be stored. It can then be later used for greywater in households or for irrigation in dry periods.

Protects properties from water and flood damage

With the increasing effects of climate change, rainwater harvesting and proper rainwater management is crucial in order to alleviate risks of floods and droughts, and decrease pressure on sewer networks and sewage treatment plants in cases of high precipitation.

Provides an ecological solution

With rainwater returned to the natural water cycle through a management system, groundwater can be enriched; sewer networks and sewage treatment plants can be relieved, with better protection against flooding. You also have the ability to catch, clean and store the rainwater for irrigation or household purposes. 

Breaking down our stormwater management system

Catching and redirecting rainwater

Our Pipelife stormwater management system collects and redirects rainwater which is either caught on rooftops or on the ground, and drained through gullies and drainage pipes towards an underground filtering system. The system provides peace of mind and safety by efficiently and quickly draining rainwater where heavy rainfall can cause flooding, runoff and damage to your property, and also requires fewer materials to get the job done.  

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Fast and efficient flat-roof drainage

Our siphonic system ensures the fast and efficient drainage of rainwater from flat and low-gradient roofs. Protect your roof against overflows, leaks and even structural collapse with exceptional drainage speeds.

Cleaning rainwater for reuse or proper discharge

Collected rainwater can be reused in a number of ways, for either sanitary purposes or irrigation, or simply to be returned to the earth to replenish groundwater. By having environmentally friendly sediment and oil separators and filters in place, water pollution can be reduced so any rainwater that is collected can be safely returned to the soil, discharged into public sewage or stormwater networks, reused for households and gardens or stored for periods of drought.

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Replenishing groundwater with infiltration systems

Once rainwater is collected, it can either be infiltrated back into the ground or stored for reuse. Infiltration systems are slow and controlled so that the soil type can cope with the process, in order to replenish aquifers, control sinking ground water levels and enhance the natural ability of the soil to drain water. Infiltration systems can easily be incorporated into site landscaping, on the side of roads and under driveways, and can help relieve municipal sewer systems.

Topsoil of a Cambisol or Inceptisol formed of till on a cliff at the Baltic Sea near Heiligenhafen in Germany

Harvesting and Reusing Rainwater with storage systems

For the reuse of rainwater, an attenuation system is ideal to store excessive water for irrigation and/or to be used as greywater for households. This system also helps to prevent overflows by slowing down the rate at which surface water enters sewers or watercourses, and further reduces the risk of downstream flooding.

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A quick glance at how Pipelife’s stormwater management system operates

All parts of the stormwater management system are tailor-made and adaptable to suit your needs:

  • Catching water from roofs, parking lots, outside areas
  • Cleaning water through filters and separators
  • Transporting or redirecting water
  • Storing water for future use, or
  • Properly discharged offsite

Wondering how sustainable plastic pipes are?

Plastic has a bad reputation these days. However, the use of plastic in and around buildings can be very beneficial not just for the user, but also for the environment, especially when compared to other materials.

Lower carbon footprint throughout life cycle

Compared to metal pipes, plastic pipes are a preferred alternative when considering the products’ energy consumption and carbon footprint, from manufacturing to installation and beyond. When thinking about environmental implications, consideration needs to go further than greenhouse gas emissions from production. We need to include all phases of the life cycle. 

100-year service life

Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice, especially when considering their extremely long service life. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, excellent joint performance and tightness, many plastic pipes have an estimated service life of at least 100 years.

100 % Recyclable

Plastic pipes are recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times, re-entering the manufacturing process as quality-assured recycled plastic. Every year, the ratio of recycled plastics we use in our production lines is increasing.

Working towards a more sustainable future

As an active member of The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) we want to raise awareness of the value that plastic pipe systems offer for a sustainable future. In order to provide more transparency around the environmental impact of plastic pipe systems on our environment, we have issued an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) tool for your iPad, which you can find on the Apple app store or download directly from our webpage.

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