Efficient Heating Solution for a Sales Hall With Concrete Core Activation

23. November 2022 | 4 min read

With energy prices on the rise, efficient heating solutions are more in demand than ever before. If considered already during the construction phase, well-thought-out systems can reduce energy costs in the future. With these considerations in mind, concrete core activation was applied at a new sales hall for the agricultural machinery distributor Lindner. To implement the solution, the contractor relied on high-quality products from the Pipelife range.

Concrete core activation slabs at the new sales hall in Hirnsdorf | Pipelife © Hermann Rosenberger GmbH

More Efficient Energy Use

Although concrete core activation is still new compared to other heating solutions, it has been gaining in popularity. The advantages are obvious — concrete as a construction material not only conducts heat well but also stores it; thus, the areas where the pipes are laid become heating surfaces themselves.

Thanks to the low pre-heating temperature, concrete core activation also requires less electricity compared to traditional heating systems. Combining concrete core activation with alternative energy sources in new construction makes it an efficient and sustainable heating solution for the future. Cooling solutions and combined heating/cooling systems can also be implemented with concrete core activation.

Concrete core activation is being used to construct the hall for Lindner | Pipelife © Pipelife Austria / Christian Guttmann
Efficient concrete core activation is being used to construct the hall for Lindner.

New Sales Hall Construction

The Lindner company in the Austrian town of Hirnsdorf has been selling agricultural machines, tractors, special machines for fruit and wine cultivation and cellar equipment since its founding in 1959 and also operates a utility vehicle workshop with a testing facility on its premises. In addition, the company has been selling recreational vehicles and trailers for nearly 30 years.

In order to keep up with the growing demand for caravans and workshop services, a new 1781-m² hall is currently being built. In two construction phases, new spaces will be created for a sales hall, workshop and warehouses.

The contractor, Hermann Rosenberger GmbH from Sinabelkirchen, is relying on concrete core activation for heating the newly built hall, and the installation project is being planned and implemented in close cooperation with Pipelife.

High-quality Pipelife pipes and industrial manifolds in use at the construction site in Hirnsdorf | Pipelife © Hermann Rosenberger GmbH
High-quality Pipelife pipes and industrial manifolds in use.

Concrete Core Activation with Pipelife Pipes

Just like precise planning, the selection of adequate piping material is a decisive criterion for the efficiency of thermal building component activation. During the construction of the hall for Lindner, multilayer pipes from the Pipelife FloorTherm portfolio were used.

Thanks to their flexibility, working with the pipes is easy for the installer. The 0.2-mm thick aluminum mid-layer provides a high degree of temperature, pressure and dimensional stability.

The construction of the concrete core activation system in Hirnsdorf took place in May 2022, and a total of 14 km of FloorTherm pipes were laid into the concrete slab. Industrial manifolds were used to distribute the pipes.

The system design was tailored to achieve the desired temperatures for each of the heated spaces. In the sales hall, the workshop and the sanitary rooms, the pipes were laid at 15-cm intervals. For the warehouse, the interval was increased to 20 cm.

Other than services ranging from consulting to supplying the optimal components for the construction project, Pipelife also provided support with the calculation and planning of the concrete core activation (internal LINK planning service).

Hermann Rosenberger, Managing Director of Rosenberger Installations GmbH, had already collaborated with Pipelife in previous projects.

“With Pipelife, I very much appreciate the person-to-person contact with my support staff and the efficiency of the planning service. Furthermore, in these challenging times of material scarcity, it is particularly important to have a partner who delivers the products I need for my projects on time,” says Rosenberger.

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