Modern Underfloor Heating for a 200-Year-Old Landmark Building

25. November 2022 | 4 min read

Carrig House, situated in Cork, Ireland, was once admired as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Despite a devastating fire accident 20 years ago, the two-story villa still is a 19th-century architectural gem with many original features preserved. This year, a large-scale renovation of Carrig House began, aiming to restore the iconic building to its former glory. Pipelife Ireland was proud to design and supply a complete underfloor heating solution, helping Carrig House rise again.

The damaged facade of Carrig House before the restoration was started | Pipelife
Pipelife Underfloor Carrig House

Historic Property in Need of Repair

Set against a sandstone cliff and offering unobscured views over the River Lee, Cork's Carrig House dates back to the early 1820s. Having withstood more than two centuries, the magnificent period building was badly damaged by a fire in 2002. Nevertheless, from trefoil windows to corbelled chimney stacks, many of the signature features survived the fire.

In September 2021, the restoration works commenced, headed by the highly experienced Linehan Construction team, which specializes in property conservation and renovation. The company had already collaborated with Pipelife Ireland on several projects before.

"Linehan Construction, the developer for the building, got in touch with us to discuss a heating solution for the project," recalls Glenn Kenneally, Technical Representative of Pipelife Ireland. "They were interested in continuing our successful partnership and especially appreciated the after-sales service and the 50-year warranty on our pipes."

Pipelife Underfloor Carrig House
Pipelife Underfloor Heating Carrig House

Heating System Honoring History

After discussing project details with the developer, Pipelife's team provided full technical and design specifications for a modern, economical underfloor heating system. Installing heating pipes under the floor makes the entire system invisible and inaudible, offering a perfect solution for historic interiors.

From laying and connecting pipes to the layout of heating controls, every step was considered and tailored to best meet the developer's requirements for the unique project.

"Pipelife was extremely helpful throughout the whole building process and answered any questions or concerns that we had," states Leo Linehan, Founder of Linehan Construction. "They talked us through all aspects of the heating system and how it would operate and really put our minds at ease that we were making the right choice."

Speedy Installation and Excellent Function Range

The installation of the heating system was carried out in December 2021, providing a complete heating solution for the iconic property.

Pipelife multilayer lay-flat pipes were used throughout the building, greatly facilitating handling and installation. The installers appreciated how quick uncoiling was and how easy the pipe was to maneuver.

Pipelife Ireland also provided a detailed and precise line drawing, guiding the installation team on how each pipe run should be laid, speeding up the process and avoiding unnecessary delays on-site. Thus, the installation of a complete system in a 280-m2 area over three floors of the building was completed in just two days.

"My team greatly enjoyed working with this new pipe system," admits Linehan, "We could do the job with fewer people and faster — that's worth its weight in gold. Usually, I'm not easily convinced by a particular system, but in this case, I have to admit that the new lay-flat multilayer pipes are a true game-changer."

To complete the heating system, Pipelife provided a smart control system, offering advanced options. The system can be easily set to provide different room temperatures and heating intervals on individual heating zones, bringing 21-st century comfort levels to Carrig House’s historic rooms.

Two rolls of lay-flat pipes next to a section of a room with underfloor heating system already installed | Pipelife
Pipelife Underfloor Heating Carrig House

End-to-End Heating Solutions for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

During the installation of both underfloor heating and the air-to-water heat pump, the Pipelife team was always on hand to talk to installers, electricians and builders and answer any queries they may have.

While the setup of the heating system has been completed, the full restoration of Carrig House will be finished in early 2023. Afterward, a Pipelife engineer will commission the heating system, ensuring that everything is installed correctly and set up to run optimally for the new homeowner's needs. The homeowner will also be given a demonstration of how the system operates and how to make the most of the features available.

"Now that we have nearly finished the renovation of the house, we are delighted with our choice to go with underfloor heating and an air-to-water heat pump. From constant temperatures, instant hot water and the ease of use, we just love the solution!" concludes Linehan.

Visualization of Carrig House after full restoration | Pipelife

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