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Radiator Connection Systems

Quick to install and durable

Installing radiator connections and accessories can be fiddly business and time consuming. To avoid this, we provide you with complete system solutions for peace of mind and efficiency. You can make quick and neat connections, even in the most cramped conditions.


  • Providing all connections from heat source to every radiator
  • Piping systems compatible with all types of connections
  • Designed for universal use 
  • Simple, fast and safe installations to save you time and minimize downtime 
  • Leak-free

Complete system solutions for: 

  • Radiator connections
  • Distribution and riser pipes for surface heating
  • Cold / hot water installation
  • Compressed air lines

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News and Projects

State-of-the-art building technology for HQ

Aug 14, 2019 | 3 min read

The new HQ for Wienerberg in Vienna combines state-of-the-art building technology, sustainability and design. The red façade is striking from an architectural point of view, however the interior hosts an array of technology from the Wienerberger Group, and piping systems from Pipelife from the technical service systems through electrical installation to irrigation.

Wienerberger Haus

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