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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Meet Our Green Team

18. January 2022 | 3 min read

Working on solutions for a safer and more sustainable future is among Pipelife’s key priorities. For us, this commitment does not start nor end with our systems and solutions; we also walk the talk when it comes to our everyday actions. The “Green Team” initiative launched by Pipelife Estonia is proof that sustainable habits are not just feasible. They can also be positively contagious.

The “Green Team” idea was brought forward by Anti Orav, Pipelife Estonia General Manager. Last summer, Anti sent out an invitation to his team to gather on a voluntary basis and work on making their work environment more sustainable. Eight employees, from finance to production, were interested, and the team set up short weekly meetings to brainstorm on ideas and the first steps. Everyone was encouraged to decide for themselves how much time they could devote to the new initiative to avoid overtime hours.

Green Team logo | Pipelife
Visuals for Green Team's "Take Care" campaign | Pipelife

Saving, Recycling and Growing

One of the first ideas was using Pipelife’s on-going “Take Care” campaign focusing on health and safety at work. The team decided to give the campaign an additional spin emphasizing sustainability to educate colleagues on the importance of saving natural resources.

Additionally, the team introduced a recycling system in the office. Five separate bins were set up for packaging, bottles, paper and cardboard, organic waste, and non-recyclable items. Employees were educated and assisted with how to switch to recycling, and several were inspired to implement this change at their homes as well.

The office environment was improved by replacing all artificial plants with real ones and getting a “Click and Grow” smart garden. The system takes care of watering and light automatically, ensuring there are always fresh greens and herbs for office meals.

Repaired wooden pallets | Pipelife
Recycling containers set up  by the Green Team | Pipelife

Cutting CO2 emissions

Traditional water coolers used in offices require regular refilling and changing of bottles, which causes unnecessary transport-related emissions. To end this, the team launched an initiative named “Tap Water is Drinking Water.”

A water purifier was installed at the office, making sure that tap water is not only perfectly safe to drink but also tastes great. Now, employees can enjoy cold, warm, and even sparkling water right from the tap. Transportation of water bottles is no longer needed, which has cut the office’s CO2 emissions and expenses at the same time.

Reorganizing the handling of wooden pallets and frames in Pipelife Estonia’s stock ground allowed to cut emissions even further. Previously, these materials were simply burned to produce energy. However, a significant part of them can be reused. Therefore, the team came up with a better solution to partially repair the pallets that are still in good condition and return them to the supplier. 

Green Journey to be Continued

Even more green initiatives are in the pipeline, with the next one starting in spring.

The team plans to plant trees around the production plant as well as modify trenches and modernize the rainwater filtering system. This will prevent plastic particles and other potential pollutants from escaping into the environment. 

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