Reliable Water Supply for Trouble-Free Growing Seasons

28. January 2022 | 3 min read

It is not a secret that an adequate irrigation setup is one of the keys to ensuring optimal conditions for crops to thrive. High-quality water supply systems play an important role in maximizing yields. BG Agro Zemedelska kompaniya, part of a leading agribusiness firm in Bulgaria, opted for Pipelife’s PE 100 pipes to set up a water supply system that would be long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Aerial view of a corn field | Pipelife

Corn Production: Behind the Scenes

Corn is one of the most widespread crops in the world and also widely cultivated in Bulgaria. Often referred to by Bulgarian farmers as the Queen of the Crops, cornfields reach an area of 3-4 million decares each year.

However, obtaining an optimal harvest of the valuable crop is not straightforward. Sowing has to take place when the soil temperature at 10-cm depth has reached 8-10° C. In Bulgaria, the season when the soil conditions are optimal lasts roughly from the beginning of April to mid-May. Earlier or later sowing typically leads to reduced growth.

Preparation of corn fields and their irrigation systems starts early and has to be done as efficiently as possible not to miss the best sowing conditions. This is especially important for new fields that haven’t been cultivated before and require setting up an irrigation system from scratch.

Maintenance-Free Water Supply Solution

BG Agro Zemedelska kompaniya EOOD is a daughter company of BG Agro AD —  one of the largest farmers and agricultural production wholesalers in Bulgaria. To grow corn on a new 100-decare field in Varna province, BG Agro Zemedelska kompaniya invested in a new water supply system, as the particular field was located in an area with no water sources nearby. A well was needed to obtain water for irrigation and a reliable piping system.

Transstroy Engineering LTD was assigned as main contractor, collaborating closely with the subcontractor Akva Sis Varna EOOD. Both parties were convinced that Pipelife Bulgaria’s PE 100 water supply pipes are the best fit for the project’s requirements.

Made from high-density polyethylene, PE 100 is widely considered the safest and most durable piping system for underground water supply mains, sub mains and section lines. The pipes are flexible, yet resistant to external impacts such as scratches, dents, concentrated loads or deformations.

Pipelife's PE 100 water supply pipes ready to be installed | Pipelife

A key aspect for selecting PE 100 was also the system’s maintenance-free service life of 100 years. This means that, instead of worrying about reliable water supply, farmers can focus on caring for their crops.

“Pipelife is a highly reliable partner, complying with the highest production standards. We can always count on Pipelife’s resources to provide full technical and organizational support according to the contract,” states Georgi Stiliyanov, General Manager at Transstroy Engineering LTD.

The project’s subcontractor Akva Sis Varna is also one of Pipelife Bulgaria’s Trusted Installers and has extensive first-hand experience with the company’s solutions.

“As a member of Pipelife’s Trusted Installer Program, I know I can rely on high-quality and benefit from a vast product range. In addition to that, punctual deliveries and great services make Pipelife a perfect cooperation partner for successful implementation — this refers also to every other project we have worked on together,” comments Svetlin Petkov, General Manager at Akva Sis.

A truck transporting PE 100 water supply pipes to the installation site | Pipelife
Pipelife's PE 100 water supply pipes ready to be installed | Pipelife

Growing Strong: Long-Standing Partnerships for Successful Outcomes

The project started in February 2022 and was completed in April, just before the new sowing season.

In total, Pipelife Bulgaria supplied more than 1.4 kilometers of PE 100 pipes from DN 125 to DN 250 along with the necessary valves and fittings to complete the setup. Throughout the season, the new water supply and irrigation system will now ensure worry-free growth for Bulgaria’s Queen of Crops — setting the best conditions for a truly royal harvest.

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