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Thanks to high-precision technology, drip or micro irrigation is the most water and nutrient-saving method available in agriculture. Apart from economic and ecological benefits, drip irrigation is also the most accurate method to deliver each plant precisely what it needs to thrive. With a tailored drip irrigation system, you can maximize yields, uniformity, and your plantation area.

Expect top-quality piping material, dripper design and micro-sprinklers for easy installation and hassle-free seasons.

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Round drip Pipes with inline drippers

Round Drip Pipes

We recommend round drip pipes with inline drippers for smaller plots and multi-seasonal use. The system is ideal for many fruit crops with small plant spacing.

Pressure-compensated (PC) inline drippers come in handy when water pressure varies, on uneven terrain, and when crops are highly susceptible to fluctuations in soil humidity. Thanks to the antisiphon design, our PC drip pipes are also fit for subsurface irrigation.

Flat Drip Lines Irrigation

Flat Drip Lines

Flat drip lines are the most versatile piping solution in drip irrigation, thanks to the vast range of properties available regarding flow rate, dripper spacing, dripper design and wall thicknesses.

Pressure-compensated (PC) flat drip lines are favored on uneven terrain or slopes, with fluctuating water pressure, or for plants that are highly susceptible to variations in soil humidity. PC drip lines can also be applied for subsurface irrigation.

Drip Irrigation tapes

Drip Tapes

Drip tapes are a standard go-to drip irrigation solution that offers an optimal cost-value ratio. They are primarily applied in vegetable farming.

When choosing drip tape, it is important to watch the quality of its filtration area where the water is released. Large, seamlessly integrated filtration areas and a low emitter profile are essential quality criteria to ensure uniform water flow.

PE irrigation pipes online dripper

PE Irrigation Pipes

Wherever the spacing between plants exceeds 3 meters, such as for apricot or quince orchards, blind pipes can be flexibly applied with online pressure-compensated (PC) and no-drain (ND) drippers or micro-sprinklers on flat and uneven terrain.

With a microtube and pick, online drippers are used to uniformly water potted plants.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems

Maximize your yields while minimizing resources with drip irrigation — the most efficient and accurate way to water row crops, vegetables, berry orchards, greenhouses. Discover the benefits and find your perfect match in our range of precision irrigation systems.

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30 to 65% less water

High-precision irrigation technology saves between 30 and 65% of water amounts. 

One to multi-seasonal use

Our irrigation products have a lifetime from one to multiple seasons. 

Less Energy Consumption

Significantly lower operating pressure consumes less energy compared to other irrigation methods.  

Higher Crop Immunity

Plants grow best and are strongest when soil, humidity and nutrient conditions are ideal and constant. Optimized growth conditions also make crops more resilient to disease.

Saving on fertilization

Less fertilizers and other chemicals are needed to ensure high yields thanks to the efficient appliance to the root zone.

Handling challenging plot conditions

Regardless of topography, pressure-compensated (PC) drip irrigation ensures water and nutrients are transmitted evenly throughout your field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Drip irrigation, also called micro- or precision irrigation, is an irrigation system that delivers water and nutrients directly to the plants' root zone. Drip irrigation is known as one the most efficient irrigation methods — the optimal amount of water and nutrients is delivered to every plant, ensuring high yields while saving water and fertilizers.

Drip irrigation systems rely on small drip emitters, also called drippers, which are placed closely to the crops' root zone. The water is applied directly to the ground very slowly; thus, it can be fully absorbed, preventing water evaporation or runoff. 

Yes. Various crops thrive best under different irrigation conditions. From orchards to greenhouses, our specialists can help optimize the irrigation setup for your farm, applying the optimal irrigation technology for each crop type.

Correct installation is essential for reliable performance of the system and achieving optimal growth conditions for each plant. Our experts and trusted installation partners take care of the process ensuring each irrigation system is is set up exactly according to the planned design.  

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to irrigation. Our experts will take into account your agricultural setup, water and plot conditions, crop types, and your preferences to recommend the system and individual specifics that would suit you best and ensure optimal return on investment. Our vast range of high-quality micro irrigation equipment allows creating a fully tailored solution for each customer.

The total cost of your drip irrigation system will depend on several factors, such as the irrigation area and topography, density of the lines needed, products and control systems selected and others. Our specialists will prepare a complete quotation so you don't have to worry about hidden or additional costs. In addition, we will consult and support you regarding financial support available from national and European funds.

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Greenhouse plants

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