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State-of-the-Art sprinkler Irrigation systems

Some crops and plants thrive best when watered from above. Our PE sprinkler irrigation systems provide uniform and precise water distribution that comes close to the natural rain.

Your sprinkler system should be light but sturdy enough to resist frequent transportation and handling. Quick and easy jointing systems like Pipelife’s latch or clamp systems ensure time-efficient installation and removal.

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Sprinklers, sprinkler heads and accessories

Choose the most appropriate sprinkler system to fit your irrigation needs. We offer three different system solutions: 

Mobile PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump unit, main pipe and laterals can be moved. This system is widely used for agricultural crops and nurseries. 

Semi-mobile PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump unit and main pipe are fixed while the laterals are movable. This system is widely used for irrigating fruit.

Fixed PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump, main pipe and laterals are fixed. This system is widely used for frost/freeze protection for vegetable and fruit crops. 

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Irrigation equipment

No need to waste time searching for compatible irrigation system elements or waiting for additional deliveries.

We offer fully tailored and complete irrigation solutions that cover everything from pumps and water supply lines to filtration and control systems.

All system elements are delivered to your field at the beginning of the installation and set up by our trusted installation partners.

Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation ensures high-efficiency, uniform water distribution from above, imitating natural rain — except you have full control over the flow. Discover how you can boost yields with our wide range of sprinkler irrigation systems.

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Maximized yields

Uniform and controlled distribution of water results in higher crop production quality and quantity.

Higher crop quality

Sprinkler irrigation enhances crop resilience through a controlled supply of the right amount of water and irrigation frequency for each crop type.

Soil protection

Thanks to fine and controlled water droplets, sprinkler irrigation does not cause erosion and is suitable for most soil types.

Leak-proof system

Our sprinkler irrigation pipes and fittings are designed and tested to be completely leak tight, even at low pressure rates. 

Reliable performance

Due to excellent durability and crack resistance, our sprinkler irrigation systems easily withstand high external loads and impacts. 

Trouble-free installation

Our sprinkler irrigation systems have a latch or clamp design, ensuring time-efficient installation and removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pipelife Irrigation Explainer video

Sprinkler irrigation is a widely used watering technique that allows applying water to plants in a way that is similar to rainfall. Sprinklers are used to irrigate agricultural crops, flowerbeds, lawns and other areas.

Water is distributed through a system of pipes and sprayed into air through small-diameter nozzles. The system operator has a full control over the water application rate as well as the center pivot system start and end times and rotation angles.

Sprinkler irrigation is considered the most efficient water application technique for crop types that prefer watering from above. Sprinkler irrigation works well for most soil types and is especially efficient on medium- and coarse-textured soils. 

With drip or micro irrigation, water is applied directly to the plants' root zone while sprinkler irrigation works by distributing small water droplets into the air. Various crops require different irrigation methods. If in doubt, our specialists can consult you on the best watering systems for your crop types and unique field conditions.

Our high-quality sprinkler irrigation products are equipped with reliable sealing systems, and they remain leak-tight even under low-pressure conditions. 

The total cost of your sprinkler irrigation system will depend on several factors, such as the irrigation area and topography, the number of sprinklers needed, products and control systems selected and others. Our specialists will prepare a complete quotation so you don't have to worry about hidden or additional costs. In addition, we will consult and support you regarding financial support available from national and European funds.

Get in touch with us by filling in the contact form below! Alternatively, you can view Pipelife irrigation products in your preferred country. We are currently present in 24 countries and also offer export services.

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