22. September 2023 | 4 min read

Integrating nature into industrial spaces is a relatively new concept but one that has been wholeheartedly embraced by Pipelife. In just two years, Pipelife Poland's production site in Kartoszyno has become a green oasis full of wildflowers, trees, birds, insects and amphibians. A breathtaking green wall embellishing the southern façade of Pipelife Poland's new warehouse is the company's latest biodiversity initiative. 


Sustainability in Design

In 2021, Pipelife Poland started implementing Wienerberger's Biodiversity Action Program, which included the development of green areas at the Kartoszyno production site. At the same time, Pipelife Poland's new warehouse building was under construction, offering an opportunity to implement green construction principles at the design stage.

Enhancing the warehouse entrance with a green wall felt like a logical choice. It has brought  life to the entryway and created an attractive façade for the newly built facility.


Crafting a Vertical Garden

The green façade was designed and implemented by a contractor specializing in vertical gardens. In total, a 120-m2 area of plants was set up on a tailor-made structure attached to the warehouse's southern wall. The plants were selected with local climate conditions in mind, ensuring the façade would stay green and visually appealing throughout the year.

In total, the vertical garden houses 11,500 plants, including species like Japanese spurge, geraniums, rockfoils, mint and sage. Each square meter of greenery on the façade is estimated to absorb around 2.3 kg of CO2 while producing 1.7 kg of oxygen.

The plant species were picked to include several aromatic herbs that create a pleasant and relaxing olfactory environment. All plants have been potted in specially prepared modules, which facilitate the installation and maintenance of the green wall.

Connecting with Nature

The 120-meter vertical garden is equipped with an economical drip irrigation system and a water-reuse solution. The latter was built using Pipelife's PVC drainage pipes; the solution collects runoff water from the green wall and diverts it to the lawn growing underneath. This way, even minor water losses are prevented, and every drop of irrigation water is used efficiently.

The recently created vertical garden has already become a shelter for various local insect species and has been designed to ensure nesting space for birds, too. Kartoszyno production site employees are equally fond of the new façade design.

"The landscape architecture here works in harmony with the local ecosystem, and the beautiful green wall is friendly for birds, small animals and insects," says Agata Niklas, Export Manager at Pipelife Poland. "The wall is also relaxing to look at, making the workplace more comfortable, which our teams appreciate."


Production Sites and Biodiversity: Making a Difference 

Building a vertical garden in the Kartoszyno plant is part of Pipelife Poland's sustainable development policy. Complementary initiatives implemented in Kartoszyno include revitalizing nearby green and blue infrastructure as well as setting up insect hotels and birdhouses in the plant territory.

By carrying out a wide range of biodiversity-supporting activities, Pipelife Poland has demonstrated that production facilities can positively impact their surrounding area — creating an environment that's equally welcoming to local plants, animals and employees.

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