Prefabricated Underfloor Heating: A Win-Win Solution for Investors and Residents

28. June 2023 | 6 min read

With the demand for sustainable housing in Europe on the rise, stakeholders across the construction sector are on the lookout for solutions to best embrace this shift. Prefabrication is one such solution, especially when it comes to multistory estates and residential complexes. Pipelife’s prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating was recently installed in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna, Bulgaria. The innovative solution will provide energy-efficient heating for the residents while offering advantages in terms of installation speed, quality, safety, and cost savings for the project investor.

Pipes for underfloor heating mats | Pipelife

Embracing Comfort and Energy Efficiency

When strolling down Third March Boulevard in Varna, a modern ten-story new-build catches the eye. Once completed, the building will feature 54 high-end apartments, offering residents excellent living comfort and energy efficiency.

As the project is committed to innovation, sustainability and top-quality building solutions, the investor Globus 21 OOD was looking for premium piping systems and became interested in the prefab hydronic underfloor heating offered by Pipelife.

Pipelife’s prefabricated underfloor heating encompasses all the benefits of standard hydronic heating while considerably facilitating and speeding up the installation process.

“Our prefabricated underfloor heating solution enabled the investor to offer a favorable level of investment to his clients while meeting his and his clients’ high expectations regarding installation, quality, comfort and running costs,” sums up Stanimir Neychev, Sales Representative at Pipelife Bulgaria.

Installation of prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna | Pipelife
Installation of prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna | Pipelife

Up to 90% Reduced Installation Time

Together with the representatives from Globus 21 OOD, Stanimir consulted the owners of the new apartments, explaining the differences between the various heating options available to them. While the housing project allowed each proprietor to decide individually on their preferred heating solution, nearly 60% of owners opted for Pipelife’s underfloor heating.

This meant that the total installation area reached 2,700 square meters — a task that would take months if a standard underfloor heating system was used. However, Pipelife’s prefabricated solution reduced the installation time to just 17 days, offering time savings of up to 90%.

“Pipelife offered us an easy installation solution. They were also very helpful and got back to every single question that we had,” recalls Emil Eftimov, Managing Director of Globus 21 OOD.

Installation of prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna | Pipelife
Pipes for underfloor heating mats | Pipelife

Quality Control from A to Z

In total, 236 customized prefabricated underfloor heating mats were installed, comprising 36,000 meters of pipes. Every mat was designed and pre-assembled according to the project’s exact specifications in a factory-controlled environment. The prefabricated mats also incorporated the necessary connections to and from the manifolds, eliminating the need for additional fittings and reducing the risks of installation errors.

The installation itself was carried out by Pipelife Bulgaria’s trusted business partner. Due to their in-depth knowledge of the system, common project challenges, such as on-site deviations from the designs, were addressed quickly and without delays. The prefabricated mats are fully modular, so adjusting pipe lengths to new dimensions is fast and easy.

“Working with our trusted installers means that not only the investor received a premium quality solution, but they also had complete peace of mind that this solution was implemented by a fully certified and highly experienced installing company,” explains Ivan Milenovic, Business Development Manager at Pipelife.

Moreover, Pipelife’s prefabricated underfloor heating solutions go beyond mats and pipes. For the project’s needs, 31 manifold cabinets were prefabricated at Pipelife’s factory in Botevgrad. The cabinets were supplied fully pre-assembled and pressure-tested, so once connected, they could be immediately put into operation. Currently, Pipelife Bulgaria’s team is in talks with the investor about the necessary thermostats and control units for the newly built apartments.

“The cooperation with the Pipelife team has been going very well,” emphasizes Eftimov. “The quality supplied fully matches our expectations. And we do see ourselves working with Pipelife again in the future.”

Installation of prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna | Pipelife
Installation of prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating in a state-of-the-art apartment building in Varna | Pipelife

Bringing Extra Value to Investors

The new multistory apartment complex on Third March Boulevard will welcome its residents already this summer. Apart from prefabricated underfloor heating, two other Pipelife premium systems have been installed in the property.

The acoustic soil and waste pipe system Master3Plus will ensure sound insulation against water discharge noises in the building. Whereas the multilayer RadoPress plumbing pipe system was used for hot and cold water distribution as well as central heating connections, ensuring compliance with industry-leading safety and hygiene standards.

Meanwhile, Pipelife’s heating and cooling team is just getting busier as the interest in prefabricated underfloor heating has skyrocketed. The solution’s high installation speed, design flexibility, and excellent technical and functional reliability are appreciated not only by investors but also by informed customers.

“This was our first large-scale prefabricated underfloor heating project in Bulgaria, but now the word has spread,” concludes Milenovic. “The investors share to each other how to best approach their projects, and they are also aware that having a high-end portfolio in their buildings appeals to the clients. At the moment, we already have prefab orders for more than 23,000 square meters in the Bulgarian market alone.”

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