Crossing Borders: Pipelife's Stormwater Solutions Reach Iceland

09. February 2024 | 4 min read

In a testament to Pipelife Norway's commitment to global partnerships and cutting-edge infrastructure solutions, its team took on two large-scope export orders to Iceland in the autumn of 2023. Collaborating with major players in Iceland's construction industry, Pipelife showcased its expertise in both drainage solutions and end-to-end customer services, paving the way for future export endeavors.

Transporting drainage pipes to Iceland from Norway

Seamless Customer Service for a New Wholesale Partner

In early autumn 2023, Pipelife Norway's team received a road drainage product inquiry from Dregg EHF, a wholesaler located in Akureyri, Iceland. The large-scope order comprised more than 300 meters of Pipelife's Pragma 1200-mm drainage pipes and approximately 10 kilometers of smaller-diameter drainage pipes. With the delivery expected by the end of September, speedy order execution and logistics were crucial for the project's success.

To transport such a large number of products efficiently, Pipelife's warehouse team nested the smaller pipes within the larger ones, following the customer’s preference. Then, the large-diameter pipes were sealed with reinforced fiberglass protection covers to prevent any movement or dislodging of the stacked pipes during their handling and transportation.

The products were loaded onto a Ro-Ro boat and reached their destination in Akureyri in the last week of September. The fast and efficient order execution was possible thanks to the seamless cooperation of Pipelife's teams across multiple departments. The customer, Dregg EHF, expressed high satisfaction with the successful collaboration and plans to extend it in the future.

Transporting drainage pipes to Iceland from Norway
Transporting drainage pipes to Iceland from Norway

Major Order for Keflavik International Airport Expansion

Shortly after the successful delivery to Akureyri, Pipelife Norway received another export order to Iceland. The customer, Istak HF, one of the country's largest contractors, was looking for a partner to fulfill an extensive drainage system order for the expansion of Keflavik International Airport. While the competition among Norway's manufacturers was severe, Pipelife's team secured the deal based on its ability to provide the fastest delivery and a competitive price.

The order included more than 1200 meters of 1400-mm Pragma pipes, several 1000-mm Pragma pipes and more than 600 risers. Seventeen large-dimension stormwater chambers were also produced for the project's needs. Once again, pipes were nested at Pipelife Norway's warehouse and covered by reinforced protection covers to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

The customer had booked a ship to carry the products from Surnadal to Helguvíkurhöfn port near Keflavik. Since this vessel did not have a Ro-Ro ramp, the products had to be loaded by crane.

Pipelife's team collaborated closely with the transport company Bolme Kran AS to devise the best possible loading procedure, and their chosen approach proved successful. Using two cranes and a team of six people, the massive shipment was loaded in just 1.5 days and reached Helguvíkurhöfn on December 2.

Transporting drainage pipes to Iceland from Norway
Transporting drainage pipes to Iceland from Norway

Building Expertise and Partnerships Across the Sea

The two export orders to Iceland mark a significant market extension for Pipelife's stormwater and drainage solutions.

The success of both projects is a testament to the efficiency and collaboration of Pipelife's departments along the entire value chain. New partnerships with customers, the port and logistics companies have been established, laying the foundations for future exports. 

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