Nurturing Joy and Ideas: Pipelife Organizes Sustainability Workshops for Children in Krokowa

05. January 2024 | 5 min read

Nestled in the heart of Krokowa municipality, Pipelife Poland's Kartoszyno production site does more than contribute to the region's infrastructure development. Team Kartoszyno is engaged in numerous local initiatives and cultural events, truly embracing the company's slogan "always part of your life." Krokowa's annual Commune Harvest Festival was one such event, as Pipelife's employees prepared interactive, sustainability-oriented workshops for the youngest festivalgoers. The result? A day filled with enthusiasm, creative solutions, and joy, empowering and inspiring local children.

From Play to Problem-Solving

Being Part of a Close-Knit Community 

Pipelife Poland's Kartoszyno production site is located in the Krokowa municipality — a region known for its agricultural traditions and strong community spirit. For years, both parties have been working together on major infrastructure projects; however, the well-established partnership extends beyond the realm of construction. 

Pipelife Poland's employees actively participate in local initiatives and events, and the company supports numerous cultural and social activities within the municipality. A major event for Krokowa's community is the Commune Harvest Festival, celebrated yearly at the end of summer. In the Polish tradition, the harvest festival is a time of joy and thanksgiving, marked by colorful performances, presentations, contests and attractions.

Pipelife Poland has been participating in the festival since its beginning, preparing workshops, activities and educational materials each year.  

"We wanted to lend the words "always part of your life" a deeper meaning," says Kamila Dolistowska, Main Marketing Specialist at Pipelife Poland. "Getting involved in cultural events within the local community is a way to achieve this, showing that we contribute to the local life also outside the working hours."

From Play to Problem-Solving
From Play to Problem-Solving

From Play to Problem-Solving: Inspiring Young Minds

For this year's festival theme, Pipelife selected the topic of sustainable water management. Healthy and replenished water resources are crucial for ensuring bountiful harvests; thus, the event was a perfect opportunity to draw attention to the importance of water sustainability.

While previously Pipelife's workshops were aimed at grown-up audiences, it was decided to tailor this year's program to the youngest attendees of the festival. Pipelife's employees Kamila Dolistowska and Mateusz Dybiec took care of planning, organization and carrying out all activities.

Throughout the day, three workshops for children took place, each starting with a short presentation about the importance of saving and reusing water. Afterward, the children were invited to develop their own ideas on sustainable water use and present them in drawings or even by building prototypes from Pipelife's products and accessories. 

The workshops were embraced with overwhelming enthusiasm, and the young engineers impressed the public with their creativity, commitment, and genuine care for environmental issues. All ideas were presented to (and cheered by) the festival attendants, and the children received small gifts and diplomas for their participation.

Ideas from kids about saving and reusing water
Ideas from kids about saving and reusing water

Making a Lasting Impact

Talking with children about sustainability does more than educate them on making the best choices for themselves and their communities. It empowers young people to stand for their ideas and beliefs, becoming socially active and conscious citizens. 

"Being in touch with the local community and teaching children about preserving and reusing our natural resources was a moving and rewarding experience," says Mateusz Dybiec, Product Manager at Pipelife Poland. "The workshops showed that our company's ESG values do not exist just on paper, and we take an active, solutions-oriented stance to promote social and environmental sustainability."

As the harvest festival fades into memory, its positive impact remains, giving strong roots to environmental resilience, strong community spirit, and a future built on shared values. 

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