Pipelife Poland's Production Site Showcases Impressive Biodiversity Growth

26. June 2024 | 5 min read

When Pipelife began constructing its new warehouse in Kartoszyno in 2021, the timing aligned with the launch of wienerberger's Corporate Biodiversity Action Program. Embracing this opportunity, the local team set out to revitalize and expand the green areas around the production site. Three years later, the Kartoszyno plant has become a flourishing green oasis, receiving high praise from employees and an independent third-party audit.

Biodiversity Growth in Kartoszyno

A Comprehensive Transformation

Over the past three years, Pipelife Poland's team in Kartoszyno has undertaken numerous initiatives to enhance the presence of wildlife near their production site — a location not typically associated with high biological diversity. One of the primary objectives was to balance the production and storage areas with green zones.

A 1300-m2 area along the western border of the site was turned into a wildflower meadow; additional trees and shrubs were planted throughout the plant's territory, and a nearby pond was cleaned and revitalized to attract fish, aquatic plants and amphibians. The most striking change is the 120-m2 green wall adorning the southern facade of the new warehouse.

"The importance of protecting and fostering biodiversity was evident to all of us," says Kamila Dolistowska, Marketing Specialist and Biodiversity Ambassador at Pipelife Poland. "We are aware of the impact of human activities on local ecosystems and see it as crucial to support and preserve these habitats, both individually and as an organization." 

Biodiversity Growth in Kartoszyno
Biodiversity Growth in Kartoszyno

Employee-Driven Initiatives

Involving local teams in biodiversity initiatives and empowering them to execute green projects are key components of the Corporate Program. Many of the site's enhancements were carried out by the employees themselves — setting up bee hotels, birdboxes, feeders and planting trees and shrubs. 

The engagement has clearly paid off. During breaks, Kartoszyno's team now enjoys the revitalized green spaces while learning about the various plants and animals inhabiting the site. Several staff members have become avid birdwatchers. 

"The Biodiversity Program allows us to observe nature right outside our office," says Agata Niklas, Export Manager at Pipelife Poland. "As a bird lover, I particularly enjoy watching the various birds at our feeders. So far, we've identified almost 20 species dining with us, with many more visiting or flying over the area." 

Biodiversity Growth in Kartoszyno
Biodiversity Growth in Kartoszyno

Results That Speak for Themselves

While reaching the maximum biodiversity potential takes time, the initial results of Kartoszyno's transformation are promising. 

"All insect hotels are now occupied by mason bees, and our flower meadows host numerous species of wild bees, bumblebees, and other pollinators. We have observed many bird species visiting the site, including curlew, macaw, woodpecker, warblers, godwits, wagtails, swallows, jays and magpies, among others," Dolistowska reports.

In June 2024, an independent biodiversity audit was conducted at the Kartoszyno plant by Aeris Futuro Foundation, a non-governmental organization specializing in environmental preservation and climate change mitigation. The audit data will help evaluate biodiversity changes over time and identify the most impactful measures for future adjustments. 

Bartłomiej Oleszko, an Aeris Futuro expert, noted the high biodiversity at Kartoszyno's green areas. Several rare plant species were identified during the audit, and the care regime of all green spaces was rated as balanced and well-maintained.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the flower meadow, which we rate as one of the best-established and maintained we have seen," Oleszko says. "The pond is also very well maintained, with surrounding vegetation left unmowed during the blooming season. Fallen tree branches are left as dead wood, supporting insects. The commitment and knowledge of the team who designed and cares for these green spaces are clearly visible."

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