Eco Road Drainage for Safe Journeys on “Hemus”, Bulgaria’s Longest Highway

26. April 2021 | 3 min read

Once finalized, Hemus highway will connect Bulgaria’s capital Sofia with the country’s sea capital Varna. With a planned length of about 420 km, it will be the longest highway of the country connecting the east and west of Bulgaria to the trans-European network. Approximately half of the highway is however still under construction, and Pipelife Bulgaria is busy ensuring road safety with the supply of reliable, ecologically friendly road drainage systems.   

Hemus Highway – A Strategic Infrastructure Project

According to the European Commission, around 2.9 million people will benefit from the completion of highway “Hemus”, Bulgaria’s longest highway. The in total 420 km long road will connectin eastern and western Bulgaria to the trans-European network. It is therefore seen as strategic investment expected to positively impact Bulgaria’s economy and to bring business as well as new jobs to 44% of the population.

Safety and Prolonged Service with Efficient Road Drainage

By the end of 2020, approximately half of the highway has been realized. Another approximately 220 km are still to be implemented and along with the construction of every new road section comes the necessity for reliable stormwater drainage infrastructure.

Stormwater drainage systems are an essential part of road structure. They keep road surfaces dry and therefore maximize service life while minimizing road maintenance works. Cracks and potholes from water and frost damage are not only costly to repair, they are a serious safety hazard especially for vehicles. 

Pipes for Hemus Road Drainage project are prepared for delivery
Pipelife’s piping systems for sewage and stormwater drainage applications have proven their worth to contractors and investors in numerous drainage projects in the past.
Pragma pipes are prepared for delivery
50 customized manholes and 50 stormwater gullies including all necessary accessories complement the sewage and stormwater pipes

Trusted Partner in Large-Scale Road Drainage Projects

It comes as no surprise that Pipelife’s road drainage systems have their place in the construction of Hemus Highway. Pipelife’s piping systems for sewage and stormwater drainage applications have proven their worth to contractors and investors in numerous drainage projects in the past.

The corrugated pipe range “Pragma”, for instance, has in some countries become the equivalent of reliable road drainage. Ease of installation, simple handling and durability combined with know-how and service from the team have made them a preferred choice in large-scale infrastructure drainage projects also in Bulgaria. 

Client Prefers One-Stop-Shop Suppliers 

The most recent order for a road drainage solution was made for a 3-km-long new Hemus section, placed by the contractor Avtomagistrali EAD. Apart from the proven track record, a further reason for the state-owned contractor to partner up with Pipelife Bulgaria is know-how-based service combined with a comprehensive product program.

To the contractor Avtomagistrali, it was important to be able to rely on equal high quality throughout the complete system and in regard to service and support from inception phase to completion. 

ECOCorr Pipes stacked up and ready for delivery | Pipelife International
ECOCorr: 100% recycled PE pipes for storm- and wastewater gravity lines.

50 Fully Equipped Rain Gullies Provide Time and Cost Efficiency

From a total of about 3 kilometers of pipe, through 50 customized manholes to another 50 stormwater gullies, Avtomagistrali received everything from one source.

The fact that Pipelife delivers rain gullies customized to specifications including covers and grids, frames, adjustable risers, outlets, leaf traps and additional sizes, is a true time saver regarding planning, coordinating and installation. The extra comfort is not only appreciated by contractors in larger infrastructure projects but also by smaller private investors, where cost efficiency plays an even larger role.

100% Recycled Pipes for Environmental Sustainability

Comparing CO2 footprints, plastic solutions score by generating 3 to 4 times less CO2 emissions compared to other pipe materials. ECOCorr Pipes, one of Pipelife Bulgaria’s latest developments add the benefit of being produced with 100% recycled polyethylene (PE).

“We are glad that private investors but also contractors like Avtomagistrali EAD are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly solutions such as ECOCorr. Sustainability means a great deal to us. By creating products with less CO2, by incorporating recycled materials and by making our products recyclable or reusable, we support our clients in their efforts in being environmentally sustainable”, says Petko Grancharov, Sales Manager Pipelife Bulgaria.

Project Details

Contractor/Installer: Avtomagistrali EAD

Installation Method: Open Trench

Total length of pipes installed: 3 km

Product lines

ID Pragma®, ECOCorr, ECOCorr Drainage, PRO Manholes, PRO Stormwater Gullies

ID Pragma Pipes Ø 500 mm; SN10

ECOCorr sewage pipes Ø 200

ECOCorr drainagØ 200

PRO Manholes (customized) ID 1000, 50 pcs

PRO Stormwater Gullies OD 400, 50 pcs




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