Europe’s most quiet sound absorbing soil and waste systems

11. January 2021 | 2 min read
Pipelife Master 3 Plus
Test results from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Germany confirm Europe’s number 1 sound absorbing waste water system.

The possibility to retreat and enjoy peace and quiet whenever we choose to, contributes considerably to quality of life. This goes especially for buildings. When creating dwellings such apartments as much as hotels and work places, occupants should be protected from unwanted noise from building services such as heating, ventilation, water supply, and water discharge systems.

Service systems are designed and installed in a way that noise levels from operation do not exceed values specified by respective norms and regulations. Apart from a good design and correct installation, the right product choice can make a big difference. Pipelife’s sound absorbing pipe system Master 3 Plus, for instance, is one of the market’s most popular soil and waste discharge systems and a preferred solution for professionals who want to combine excellent sound absorbing properties with reliability and ease of installation.

Continuously working on further improving and extending its Master 3 Plus range, Pipelife is proud to announce that it has now been officially declared the quietest system on the European market. 

Our high ambitions and combined efforts have been rewarded. Recent noise tests at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics prove that our Master 3 Plus Piping System comprising a recently developed bottom bend solution is currently the most silent indoor wastewater system on the market,

Oliver Bannert, Business Development Manager Inhouse Systems at Pipelife International

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The special bottom bend reduces noise generated by vibrations at the point where the vertical pipe system meets the horizontal discharge pipe. The bend has been successfully tested at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and results show that its application makes Master 3 Plus Systems quieter than any other sound absorbing soil and waste piping system on the market. The comparison is based on the values producers have published.

“Apart from improving the piping system itself, we see further potential for noise reduction at the fixing points where pipes are attached to walls and ceilings transferring sounds to the building envelope. New solutions addressing this issue are already in the pipeline and we are eagerly working on making these solutions available to the market”, concludes Bannert.


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