Smart Probing Solution: Proof is all that counts

03. December 2019 | 2 min read

Pipelife Netherland's innovation partner MMID came to the pilot test site to install and test one of the latest innovations for the potable water sector: a modular and truly Smart Probing Solution. Once sufficiently tested, the solution shall increase the density and accuracy in monitoring potable water quality and supply networks, anywhere and anytime. A major advantage is its "Plug and Play" functionality. It makes sure that network operators and owners can stay relaxed, whatever changes future probing may bring.

The Pipelife Smart Probing Solution offers the possibility to measure and generate real-time data from inside the potable water network, without environmental restrictions, at any point in the network, with easy access to the pipelines from ground level.

What can be measured?

Different types of sensors and communication protocols can be applied with the modular sensor
cartridge and modular circuit board.

For example:

  • Flow speed, flow direction
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • Acidity or alkalinity (pH)
  • Chlorine

Plug and play

The battery operated solution can be placed at any point in the network. By hot-tapping the pipeline, an access can be made to the drinking water network without cutting off the water supply.

Sensors are placed and maintained from surface level

After the first installation, there will be an access to the drinking water network from the surface level. There is no need to dig or to interrupt water supply in order to add or replace a sensor in the network.

Easy and safe (re)placement of sensors and batteries

Sensors are quickly inserted and replaced from the surface level, without contaminating the water. The user is notified when batteries are running low and they can be easily swapped from ground level.

Future-proof thanks to modular design

Thanks to its modular design, the Smart Probing Solution is made to accommodate changes in market requirements as well as ongoing development in communication technology. The modular sensor cartridge and communication module are designed to host all kinds of sensors.

For further information about Pipelife's Smart Probing Solution, please contact: 

Pipelife Nederland B.V.
+31(0)228 355 555

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