Stormwater Management Maintains Biodiversity at Pomorie Salt Lake

14. May 2021 | 3 min read

In recent years large volumes of freshwater from heavy rainfalls have entered Lake Pomorie, causing desalination and posing a threat to the ecosystem and its biodiversity. To help stop this, a Pipelife Stormwater Pipe System has been installed redirecting the flow of freshwater to successfully rehabilitate the lake’s natural salinity.

Designated a protected area since 2001, Lake Pomorie is an ultra-saline natural lagoon which provides a livelihood for both inhabitants and wildlife. Over 270 different species of birds can be found, four of which are considered ‘critically endangered’. The lake’s high salinity also promotes the growth of over 80 different types of plants and over 70 types of algae, which co-exist harmoniously and are important for the ecosystem.

Preserving biodiversity with stormwater redirection

In recent years the lake’s biodiversity has been threatened due to increasingly heavy rainfalls. The influx of freshwater has greatly decreased the lake’s salinity, endangering not just plants but also animals, such as the 17 kinds of amphibians and reptiles, many of which are rare and globally endangered. To put a stop to this degradation, Pomorie Municipality assigned the water engineering company Vodokanalstroy-Kostovi EOOD to install drainage systems around the lake to redirect surface runoff and rainwater into a nearby lined canal. This will help limit freshwater from entering the lake. 

Managing desalination at lake Pomorie | Pipelife International
Pomorie Salt Lake

CONTRACTOR relies on long-standing partnership

With a long-standing partnership based on years of quality and reliable service, Pipelife were the natural choice for this project. Pragma pipes were chosen as the go-to solution and were ready before the scheduled time. Vodokanalstroy-Kostovi EOOD were happy to accept an earlier delivery which meant the project could be completed ahead of schedule.

Pragma pipe systems continue to be a trusted solution for infrastructure projects for numerous reasons, including:

  • Long service life due to high ring stiffness.
  • Easy installation thanks to products’ light weight and a user-friendly design
  • Durability from high abrasion resistance
  • Any-season installation thanks to resistance to low temperatures
  • Compatibility with smooth-walled piping systems
  • Comprehensive product range.
Installation of Pragma pipe at Pomorie lake in Bulgaria
Maintaining biodiversity at Salt Lake Pomorie

Project Overview:

Stormwater Retention System

Product lines ID Pragma®
ID Pragma  Ø 600 mm, Ø1000 mm; SN 10, SN 12
Installation Method  Open trench
Contractor / Designer Vodokanalstroy-Kostovi EOOD
Client Pomorie Municipality


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