Lubin Retention Reservoir

Stormwater Management Solution For A Housing Project In Poland

20. July 2021 | 2 min read

Excessive rain alternating with dry periods are no unusual weather forecasts anymore and residential areas remain highly vulnerable to these. Opting for comprehensive stormwater management solutions is a good way to prevent flooding as well as long-term desiccation, and the connected hardships and disruptions to our everyday lives. To sustainably protect properties of the newly built housing area “Polesie” in Lubin, Pipelife Poland provided an innovative solution for stormwater drainage, retention and infiltration.  


The newly designed single-family residential estate “Polesie” in Lubin, Poland, consists of 116 properties. With the financial support from the EU, the area received a stormwater management system that would collect, filter and infiltrate rainwater and snowmelt from the building area back into soil. It was crucial to find a solution that would also comply with specific site circumstances. Namely, the investment area is affected by mining damages and is located within the range of dynamic influences of a seismic zone. This presented challenging site conditions where it was only possible to use materials with appropriate certificates.

To find a solution for this area, different options were considered. One alternative for discharging the rainwater from the estate was to convey it to a nearby stream. However, that would have required building a rain collector under a national road, and the design of two stormwater pumping stations. In turn, this would have resulted in high construction and operation costs. Another option was to connect the drainage system to the existing stormwater system located in Gajowa Street in Lubin. However, reconstruction and the connected repairs of street surface would also have resulted in high costs.

Lubin Retention Reservoir


After examining soil conditions and determining the filtration coefficient, it turned out that the soils in the area are characterized by good permeability in some sections. In this case, Pipelife Poland came up with a tailored retention and infiltration tank built with corrugated PP Pragma pipes as the best solution. Pipelife designed the retention tank with pipes 1000 mm in diameter, SN 10. The pipes were perforated in the upper 2/3 of the circumference (220-degree angle) and equipped with 630 mm inspection chambers.

As a result, a set of 7 pipes were connected and placed with the perforated part facing downwards. This solution ensures safe and efficient stormwater retention, corresponding with the soil conditions.


The custom made 630 mm inspection chambers used to connect the DN 1000 pipes allow easy access to the complete infiltration tank system. Their durability and resistance to abrasion and high temperatures match the properties of the rest of the structure ensuring a long service life.

With a total capacity of around 300 m³, the system is a perfect fit for collecting stormwater runoff and snowmelt from an area of about 25 ha.


Innovative Pragma Solution for Rainwater Management

To ensure an efficient supply of components in a timely manner, Pipelife Poland coordinated the delivery with Bodex. The first deliveries of materials were made beginning of May 2021, enabling the construction and assembly of the drainage system and the tank to begin.

Lubin Retention Reservoir

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