In addition to two giant potable water storage systems, Pipelife Austria delivered 30 km of extra sturdy potable water supply pipes, suitable for mole ploughing.
In addition to two giant potable water storage systems, Pipelife Austria delivered 30 km of extra sturdy potable water supply pipes, suitable for mole ploughing.

Water tanks and robust pipes for reliable supply in Lower Austria

Extreme dry spells and associated water shortages are an issue faced by many of Austria’s municipalities today. Randegg in Lower Austria is one of the municipalities addressing the topic of reliable water supply – and taking action. Apart from conceptualizing and supplying giant potable water tanks to establish reliable supply for Randegg, Pipelife Austria delivered around 30 kilometers of extremely robust potable water pipes that withstand the fast but wearing mole ploughing technique.    


The water cooperative Randegg West has set its sights high: expanding the public water network to the western municipal districts and ensuring potable water supply also during shortages. In collaboration with the contracting construction company, Held & Francke, and the planning firm Dipl. Ing. Schuster ZT GmbH, the cooperative has implemented a large-scale project to ensure reliable drinking water supply in Randegg. 

gigantic GRP POTABle water TAnks 

In the little Erlauftal valley, interruptions in water supply will soon belong to the past. Following completion of the project in June 2021, 2 x 50 m³ GRP drinking water tanks with a transverse valve chamber and 2 x 30 m³ containers with a central valve chamber will provide a reliable supply of spring water. Around 70 properties in the Randegg municipal district will benefit from reliable supply in the future. 

Thomas Fuchs, Sales Manager Infrastructure Projects at Pipelife Austria, supervised the overall project and planning process. The Blindenmarkt branch of Pipelife delivered the giant containers. Mr. Ing. Kaiser, from the contracting construction company Held & Francke, was also satisfied with the results, “We worked successfully with Pipelife and the delivery and special production of the water pipes on barrels went without a hitch - as has been the case with previous projects. With these drinking water storage systems we can rely on high-quality products with a long lifespan that will ensure a long-term water supply in Randegg.”

Water Storage and Robust Pipe
70 properties will be able to count on uninterrupted water supply once the installation of potable water storage systems has been finalized in June


Apart from planning and delivering the giant GRP potable water storage tanks, Pipelife Austria was also assigned to deliver potable water supply pipes. To expand the water network, a total of 30 km of polyethylene (PE) Pipes ranging from OD 32 to OD 140 mm (PN 10 to PN 25) were installed. Thomas Fuchs reports, “The laying method is what makes this project special, as the new water supply pipe was laid mainly using the mole ploughing method.”

Mole ploughing is environmentally friendly, and economic at the same time as it saves a lot of time. However, mole ploughing puts the pipe system being installed under a great deal of stress, which is why the use of extra robust and crack resistant pipes is crucial. After all, stones in the ground create high point loads and could damage the pipes.

In Randegg, Pipelife AQUALINE potable water pipes proved their worth for this challenging assignment.The PE 100-RC (crack resistant) pipe system impresses with its long service life, high resistance to slow crack growth and resilience against concentrated point loads – ideal for trenchless installation methods.

Drinking water tanks for every purpose

Water is one of our most precious resources. Reliability is therefore essential when it comes to drinking water. A wide range of innovative products and solutions by Pipelife is helping ever more municipalities in Austria put an end to water shortages and inconsistencies in supply. 

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