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Whether you are fitting out a new home or building, or renovating your old water pipes, knowing which piping systems to use can be confusing and overwhelming. You might be wondering which pipes are the most hygienic, safe and will provide the longest usage.

With the right systems in place, you can be assured that your water pipes are durable, safe and above all consistently provide clean water, even after having been away for long periods of time. 

Choose safe and certified water pipes

National and international production and material standards ensure that you can rely on a clearly defined level of hygienic safety and product quality. A professional plumber or plumbing company will always make sure to exclusively use certified products. Pipelife water supply piping systems such as PPR, PEX, PB, PERT and multilayer composite pipes, all comply with strict national and international quality standards, providing a hygienically safe distribution of drinking water.  

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Opt for Maintenance free, reliable solutions

Plastic pipes are known for their durability and corrosion resistance. When correctly installed they are designed to last for decades.

In contrast to other available materials, plastic pipes also require minimal to no maintenance, meaning once they are installed, you can pretty much forget about them.

Protect your building and ensure a proper installation

Piping systems are only as good as they are installed. Therefore when retrofitting or outfitting your home or building, you want to make sure that your professional plumber or plumbing company firstly watches out for any potential leaks with a properly tightened system. Pipelife has developed a special jointing system that facilitates this task.

Secondly, they need to install adequate penetration sleeves on any pipes leading in and out of the building. This offers proper protection to guarantee your walls and cellar stay dry, and you don’t end up with expensive repair costs.

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What benefits can you expect?


Our water pipes are entirely free of plasticizers and metals, meaning there is no risk of contamination or corrosion. Thanks to the smooth interior, you also don’t need to worry about buildups and microbiological growth. Provided they are correctly installed by a professional, they require comparably less to no maintenance.

Plastic pipes do not rust or corrode and they are incredibly resistant to heat and sub-zero conditions. This means that if you don’t use your water pipes for a period of time, there is practically no risk of deposit that could affect the color, taste and quality of your water. 

Plastic piping doesn’t conduct heat well, and therefore better maintains the temperature of the water it carries, resulting in less heat loss. Although we highly recommend that you insulate all your pipes, plastic pipes are less prone to sweating even when not insulated. 

Plastic pipes can be safely and quickly connected with each other or with metal pipes, without welding and without any risk of damaging chemical reactions. Provided they have been correctly installed by a professional, they have a long, leak-free service life with little to no necessary maintenance.

Wondering how sustainable plastic pipes are?

Plastic has a bad reputation these days. However, the use of plastic for plumbing installations in and around buildings can be very beneficial not just for the user, but also for the environment, especially when compared to other materials.

Lower carbon footprint throughout life cycle

Compared to metal pipes, plastic pipes are a preferred alternative when considering the products’ energy consumption and carbon footprint, from manufacturing to installation and beyond. When thinking about environmental implications, consideration needs to go further than CO2 emissions from production. We need to include all phases of the lifecycle.

100-year service life

Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice, especially when considering their extremely long service life. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, excellent joint performance and tightness, many plastic pipes have an estimated service life of at least 100 years. 

100% Recyclable

Our plastic pipes are 100% recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times, re-entering the manufacturing process as quality assured recycled plastic. Every year, we increase the ratio of recycled plastics within our production lines, while ensuring the high product quality our clients are used to receiving from us.

Working towards a more sustainable future

As an active member of The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) we want to raise awareness of the value that plastic pipe systems offer for a sustainable future. In order to provide more transparency around the environmental impact of plastic pipe systems on our environment, we have issued an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) tool for your iPad, which you can find on the Apple app store or download directly from our webpage.

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