Wooden Pipeline Replaced with a Custom Pipelife Pragma Solution

30. April 2019 | 2 min read

To safeguard its alternative process water supply, Hydro Sunndal aluminum plant and Pipelife put their heads together to find a tailored solution for replacing a 64 year-old wooden water pipe.

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Hydro Sunndal


Pragma pipes

Hydro Sunndal, located in Norway, is part of the Norsk Hydro Group, one of the world's largest aluminum and renewable energy companies with its headquarters in Oslo. In 1954, Hydro Sunndal built a dam to back up the plant's main process water reserve. The water reservoir is fed with large amounts of water from the river Driva. The water is then infiltrated through loose soil into a pipeline leading the filtrated water to the process. The wooden pipeline that had been installed for this purpose had to be replaced after incredible 64 years.

Pipelife Norway designed, produced and delivered a solution involving 260 meters of Pragma pipes capable to transport up to 2000 m³/h of water. The pipes required customized slits that can let water into the pipe at minimal reduction of strength.

"Special projects require special solutions", says Baard Moen, Product Manager at Pipelife Norway, proudly. "We have all the flexibility and know-how it needs to provide solutions that match our client's demands. We are here to make each project a successful one and accompany our clients from technical advice through design, production, delivery, to advice on site."

The charming wooden pipes lasted a relatively long time. However, Hydro Sunndal will probably not have to think about replacing the customized Pragma pipeline for the next century or more.

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