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The Pipelife Group offers not only standard products but also a variety of special development for different usages.

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Long length HDPE Pipes

Pipelife is the world's first and leading producer of long length HDPE (marine) pipes up to 2500 mm in diameter, which are continuously extruded in lengths up to 550 meter. Our HDPE solutions are a perfect match for offshore, near- and onshore projects serving power plants, desalination, water and wastewater industries. 

SoluForce High pressure Flexible Composite Pipe systems

The right solution for every application

SoluForce® is the originator and technological leader of high pressure Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP or RTP) systems. Our robust and maintenance free solutions are used for various applications and can be completely non-metallic.

Solid wall HDPE for underwater applications
Solid wall HDPE for underwater applications