Our Job is to Solve Problems: Decade-Long Expertise in Tailor-Made Infrastructure Solutions

September 23, 2022 | 3 min read

In 2009, Pipelife Finland opened a factory that specializes in well production and PE welding in Joensuu city. While Joensuu is the smallest of Pipelife Finland’s five production sites, it boasts an experienced and highly skilled team whose tailor-made solutions have already gained customer recognition nationwide.

Aerial view over Pipelife Finland plant at Joensuu | Pipelife

A Factory that Thinks outside the Box

For more than a decade, the Joensuu unit has been finding solutions to non-standard customer requests. The team has a wide range of experience from manufacturing tailor-made plastic wells and chambers to welding PE fittings and even renting and selling butt welding and electrofusion equipment.

“To sum up, our job is to solve problems,” says Esa Saarelainen, Production Manager at Pipelife Joensuu, “We can cut products according to customer’s needs, we can weld them together, we can also pre-connect ready-made parts. Any tasks that the customers would want us to perform under controlled conditions — we do them here.”

Pipelife's Regional Manager Erkki Sonninen together with Janne Pakarinen, Site Manager at Joensuun Vesi | Pipelife
Tailor-made chambers and wells at the warehouse of the Joensuu plant | Pipelife

Completing Even the Most-Demanding Customer Requests

At the core of the Joensuu unit’s success is its close-knit team of eight professionals. Each customer request is carefully reviewed, deciding how it can be best met — by using Pipelife’s ready-made products or by designing a tailor-made solution.

“Our team is quite busy but very efficient,” says Saarelainen, “Everyone is committed, and we are always eager to take on new challenges!”

Although designing and manufacturing tailor-made solutions is a complex process, communication with customers has been streamlined to the maximum — for example, requests and orders can be placed electronically 24/7. From the first contact to the tender offer and the delivery of the finished product, Pipelife Finland focuses on meeting customer needs at each step.

“After receiving a request from a customer, we review it and make an offer — we always strive to offer all the possible solutions for each project. All the products we work with come from Pipelife Finland’s own factories and are either made here or in the north. Therefore, when the client approves a solution, we can make sure their order is fulfilled within the needed time frame,” explains Erkki Sonninen, Pipelife’s Regional Manager for Eastern Finland.

The Joensuu plant team at work | Pipelife
Butt-welded water supply pipe with a QC stamp on the seam | Pipelife

Merging Local Presence and Nationwide Expertise

While the team receives special requests from all over Finland, their proficiency is particularly appreciated by local customers. Among them is Joensuun Vesi — the public utility responsible for supplying water to Joensuu’s more than 70,000 residents.

Operating for more than 90 years, the company takes care of maintaining and expanding the city’s water supply-, stormwater- and wastewater networks totaling hundreds of kilometers in length.

“Pipelife has been a highly reliable partner for us, and, of course, it is an advantage when their factory is so close,” comments Janne Pakarinen, Site Manager at Joensuun Vesi. “New pipelines are built all the time, and there is always something to maintain. When we are renovating a pipeline and have to make new junctions, we can easily obtain custom-made solutions. With Pipelife, things always work out smoothly!”

Pipelife Finland Joensuu Plant story

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