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Developing Wind Energy Infrastructure in Lithuania

January 26, 2022 | 3 min read

A new 63-MW wind farm is currently under construction in the Mažeikiai region, Lithuania, as the country is transforming its energy sector and moving away from fossil fuels. One of the main contractors of the ambitious energy infrastructure project is UAB Žilinskis ir Co who chose Pipelife’s cable protection pipes to ensure that the green energy produced by the new wind farm is reliably delivered.

The Largest Wind Farm in the Region

The Mažeikiai municipality is located in northwestern Lithuania near its border with Latvia. It boasts a population of more than 67.000 people and houses the 8th largest city in Lithuania. Producing renewable energy is not entirely new to the region as its current wind farms are estimated to have a total capacity of 53.6 MW. However, a new project is expected to more than double the current capacity, significantly increasing the amount of green energy available on the market.

The construction works of Mažeikiai wind farm started in July 2020 with road infrastructure and melioration systems, and the foundations were laid in autumn of the same year. The 80-million-Euro investment is planned to be finalized by the end of 2022. 

Providing Complete Cable-Protection Solutions 

In total, Pipelife Lithuania supplied more than 117 km of cable protection pipes for the project. Out of these, nearly 8 km were smooth HDPE pipes with 1250N and 1500N resistance for trenchless installation in the areas of already existing underground networks. Pipelife 40-mm optical cable protection pipes were used for the telecommunication network.

Almost 108 km of Pipelife’s double-wall HDPE piping system with mechanical stress resistance 750N were used to connect the wind power plants with a transformer. Combining superb durability with high flexibility and fully compliant with national and international quality standards, Pipelife’s double-wall cable protection systems are ideal for future-proofing power and data networks.

Close-up of corrugated cable protection pipes | Pipelife
Close-up of cable protection pipes for trenchless installation | Pipelife

Partnership Built on Reliability

Apart from the high production standards ensuring exceptional service life, the project contractor UAB Žilinskis ir Co also chose Pipelife because of the successful cooperation between both companies in the past.

Being a reliable partner for almost two decades, Pipelife Lithuania has been delivering piping solutions to Žilinskis’ projects all over the country. It’s not a secret that in high-priority construction projects, timely deliveries are crucial. The contractor valued that Pipelife had always managed to deliver on schedule, even during the shortage of raw materials in Europe in 2021. The successful collaboration in the past convinced UAB Žilinskis ir Co that Pipelife is the right choice.

Corrugated pipes in three colors | Pipelife

A Significant Step Towards an Ambitious Goal

Lithuania has pledged to take part in the sustainability initiatives brought forth under the European Green Deal and plans to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Wind power has become the leading source of renewable energy in the country and is expected to become even more significant in the future, with more infrastructure currently under development. In 2020, 26.8% of gross final energy consumed in Lithuania came from renewable sources, and wind farms produced more than 60% of it.

Once completed, the wind farm in Mažeikiai will boast 14 turbines making it by far the largest in the region. The new 63-MW power facility will serve as a major source of cost-effective and renewable energy in northwestern Lithuania.

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