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Improved Power Supply for Tervola, Finland

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With the transition towards climate neutrality by 2050, the EU's updated 2030 climate targets are aiming to ensure that every European Citizen has reliable access to clean energy. With undertakings to further augment the production of green energy, safe and reliable electricity supply plays an increasingly important role in the grand energy transition. Municipalities and energy suppliers attach great importance to creating long-lasting infrastructure, to ensure their citizens and clients reliably and sustainably receive power. To provide lasting and uninterrupted electricity supply for its suburban residents, Finnish village Tervola initiated an electricity supply improvement project for which Pipelife supplied especially durable cable protection.

Connecting Both Sides of the Bridge


Due to the increased energy needs of the residents in Tervola, Finland, the electricity network maintenance and transmission service Tenergia Oy designed and implemented a project to improve the village’s electric power lines. The project was complex due to a crossing of the Kemijoki River: For this section, the new power line was to be built above-ground and attached to the Kemijoki bridge. To get the job done, Tenergia Oy opted for Pipelife Finland’s extremely sturdy cable protection pipe.  

"The power line was built over the bridge to serve the entire village of Tervola. This way it allows us to improve the connection to both sides of the river," says project manager Tapio Pesonen from Tenergia Oy.

Dependable Energy Transmission with “Rocky”

To ensure a lasting electricity supply for the residents of Tervola, the company selected Pipelife Finland’s so-called Rocky cable protection pipe that is perfectly suitable for bridge installations.

The pipes, made of PE (polyethylene), ensure a long service life despite harsh weather conditions and are easy to install. Specifically, ROCKY SRE SN64 cable conduit was used due to its suitability for above-ground installations.

Improved Power Supply for Tervola, Finland
Improved Power Supply for Tervola, Finland

The Rocky cable protection pipe is a superior product for this type of installation. Bridge installations always have specific requirements, and Rocky has all the necessary approvals for this. There is no comparable product available on the market," Tapio Pesonen states.

The total length of the power line is approximately one and a half kilometers, of which the section over the bridge stretches 500 meters. The bridge pipe was installed by Veljekset Toivanen Oy, and the rest of the installation works have been carried out by Tenergia Oy.

The bridge installation was completed within about three weeks, after which the cable installation was started. Even though the cable pulling wire had to be placed in two parts, the installation works went without difficulties, according to Tenergia Oy.

Loyal Partnerships for Challenging Projects

he project was started in the spring of 2020 and completed a few months later in autumn of the same year. The successful completion of the project was possible due to the effective partnership between Tenergia Oy and Pipelife Finland. As the company was already familiar with Pipelife from previous successful collaborations, they were a definite choice for the project.

Improved Power Supply for Tervola, Finland

“Pipelife was quick in giving us answers to all the questions throughout the project. Product manager Vesa Juka was a great technical guide when we were planning the bridge installation. It is very good to be able to call the supplier directly and receive support regarding installation," praises Pesonen.

Tapio happily continues recommending the Rocky cable protection pipes for similar installations.

With the new power line, Tervola’s 2900 inhabitants can now count on undisrupted power transmission.

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