Smart Pumping Stations


Water damage is one of the worst distasters that property owners can be confronted with, especially if the medium is wastewater. The good news is, expensive and time-consuming cleanups and repairs on buildings and properties can be easily avoided. 

Pipelife’s Smart Pumping Solutions allow to remotely monitor and control pumping stations, which are usually difficult to access. With web-based real-time monitoring and an automatic alert system in place, facility managers and proprietors can count on a tireless guard reporting issues as soon as they occur.

Benefits you can expect:

  • Monitor the function of pumping stations in real-time
  • Learn from real-time data: water level, current and accumulated runoff, pumping frequency
  • Status reports and preventative measures 
  • Alerts to building managers, janitorial services or Pipelife monitor center 
  • Compatible with two pumps and separators 
  • Retrofitting possible without changes to pumps

Pipelife Smart monitoring - your tireless guardian

Preventing floods and leaks ensures the value of properties is safeguarded and avoids unecessary renovation costs. The system operates digitally and has an intelligent expansion module designed for the remote monitoring of storm- and wastewater pumping stations. Integrated sensors measure water level, current and accumulated runoff, water pumping frequency, as well as any deviations that may occur. 

Raineo® – Flood becomes fiction

Pipelife realized early on that our changing climate would require a new approach to stormwater management. Our innovative Raineo® attenuation and soakaway systems are designed to prevent both floods and pollution, combining drainage systems with treatment, storage or infiltration solutions. In this way, the system allows users to install a stormwater management system that is perfectly tailored to their needs and installation conditions.

Stormbox cover

Being your best partner is one of our key principles at Pipelife

At Pipelife, we do not settle for meeting minimum standards, we push the limits and exceed them wherever we can. Developing our materials and products further is our passion. 

It is in our DNA to offer added value and it is one of our goals to offer the best service in the market. This is why our solutions not only meet industry standards, they also bear national and international quality marks.

CERTIFIED stamp. Wooden round rubber stamper and stamp with text certified isolated on white background. 3d illustration

News and Projects

Raineo: Stormwater Management Solutions wrapped in one word

Our cities are growing in population and size, climate is changing, and water is becoming scarce. We are forced to find solutions that keep our communities safe and that ensure the wellbeing also for future generations. In this article we take a closer look at which water related issues we can solve with efficient stormwater management – not only in Poland but in all countries facing similar problems

Nov 13, 2019 | 6.7 min read


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