Attention Growing to Recycled Stormwater Management Solutions in Poland

28. January 2022 | 4 min read

Pipelife Poland recently launched a new stormwater retention crate generation named Stormbox E. Made fully from recycled material, this solution is designed to promote circularity and minimize waste without compromising the high reliability that Pipelife’s Stormbox systems are known for. Among the first clients who chose Stormbox E, is the Persán group — one of Central Europe’s leading producers of household chemicals and cosmetics. Stormbox E will be used to keep Persán’s future production facility in western Poland protected from water damage.

Stormbox E retention crates being installed | Pipelife

Green Stormwater Solution for a Green-Thinking Company

Stormbox E is one of the first fully recycled retention crate systems available in Poland. Although only recently introduced to the market, the product has been receiving growing attention from several clients.

Among them is the Persán group — one of the leading producers of household chemicals and cosmetics in Central Europe. Headquartered in Spain, the company is highly committed to promoting a circular economy. As an example, most of its packaging is made of partially recycled plastic, and by 2024, all Persán packaging will contain at least 50% of recycled materials. The company is also a member of Ecoembes, Eko-Cykl and Eko-Pak organizations dedicated to recycling and ecological packaging design.

Ambitious Production Facility in the Making

In September 2021, Persán started building a production plant in the village of Wróblowice, west of Wrocław. Once finished, the new factory complex will cover an area of nearly 38,000 m2, including not only the production plant itself but also an office building, a wastewater treatment plant, a silo complex, and a fire pumping station, as well as all the necessary technical infrastructure.

A production complex of this scale and importance requires an equally robust stormwater management system. It is planned to divide the designed stormwater drainage system into two separate parts. One system will gather the potentially contaminated rainwater and snowmelt from paved surfaces, roads, docks and parking lots in water storage tanks, releasing it slowly to a specially designed soakaway ditch.

The second stormwater system will collect the rainwater directly from the roof surfaces of the production facilities and other buildings. The collected water will then be discharged from a retention crate system into an underground storage tank from which it will be consequently released into the ground. To ensure efficient stormwater retention, the client opted for Pipelife’s Stormbox E solution.

A truck transporting Stormbox E soakaway crates to the installation site | Pipelife
A forklift carrying Stormbox E soakaway crates | Pipelife

Complete Solutions for Complex Facilities

The project envisioned a storage tank with a total capacity of 864 m3 built with retention crates. Stormbox E crates perfectly fit the reservoir outline due to their modular design and practical dimensions of 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.3 meters.

The construction of the retention system began in April. In total, the tank will consist of 4116 rainwater storage crates, including also 13 inspection chambers and an air vent.

The large-scale construction project is expected to be completed in early 2023 and is a significant expansion step for Persán.

A close up of Stormbox E retention crates | Pipelife
Rainwater reservoir being constructed | Pipelife

Partnership Based on Shared Values

Apart from Stormbox E retention crates, Pipelife supplied almost 1.5 km of PP and PE 100 RC pipes for the plant’s chemical wastewater network as well as 2.2 km of PVC DN 160-DN 250 pipes and 3 km of Pragma ID DN 300-DN 600 pipes for the sewage network.

The main contractor of the project is Spec Bruk, and the subcontractor is Przedsiębiorstwo Darem Mariusz Wierzbicki.

“Regarding the construction of a new production plant in Wróblowice, Stormbox E infiltration and retention boxes from Pipelife were a logical choice because of the reliability of the system, its cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and the technical support of Pipelife's representative,” comments Mariusz Wierzbicki, Owner of Przedsiębiorstwo Darem Mariusz Wierzbicki, “At the same time, I would like to emphasize that Stormbox E’s selection and application helps solve the problem of plastic waste, which aligns with my own environmental priorities.”

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