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How Our Ideas Management System Helps Ukrainian Refugees

26. January 2022 | 4 min read

Here’s a slightly different story from us at Pipelife. It’s a little about our idea management system “Ideas & More” but mainly about our colleague Nikolay who used it to turn his ideas into help.

Nikolay Markov works as Product Manager for building service technology systems at Pipelife Bulgaria. Apart from being a dedicated employee and a colleague with a good sense of humor, he is also a husband, a dad and a generous person who truly cares about others. Like so many of us, he and his family feel they need to do something to help the Ukrainian people who are leaving their homes and belongings behind to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

“As soon as the war started, I decided that I could shelter refugees from Ukraine in my guest house. The house isn’t fully finished yet — we could call it industrial style,” says Nikolay jokingly, “But it can offer up to four people relatively comfortable living conditions.”

Apart from some paint or plaster on the exterior, the house was ready for guests. The only thing missing to make it a place where people could dwell for a more extended period was a kitchenette. And this is where our ideas management platform came into play.

As soon as the war started, I decided that I could shelter refugees from Ukraine in my guest house.

Nikolay Markov, Product Manager at Pipelife Bulgaria

Our Colleague Nikolay Markov | Pipelife

Founded and driven by Zoran Davidovski, Head of R&D and Sustainability Officer at Pipelife, in 2008, ideas management platform “Ideas & More” is a simple and effective tool. The points-based system allows all employees to post, comment and rate ideas for improvement and development in all work, product and production areas. If an idea receives enough votes, it’s carefully evaluated and implemented if found fit.

“We want to foster innovative and future-oriented thinking and give everyone at Pipelife the possibility to actively shape and contribute to our company’s success. The fact that Ideas & More is working so well shows how open, collaborative and respectful our company culture is,” emphasizes Zoran.

It would be an understatement to say that Nikolay has been active on our idea management platform. He has so far shared no less than 39. That’s what millennials among us would call epic! His contributions had earned him a total of 1326 points, which translates into 663 Euros that can be spent on “anything moral and legal” — as Zoran likes to put it.

Nikolay took the opportunity and invested his well-deserved points into the missing electrical household appliances implementing his idea of shaping up the guest house for refugees.

“We have prepared an outdoor kitchen also in industrial style, but fully functional. So, thanks to the accumulated points in the platform Ideas & More, I was able to do this,” explains Nikolay.

An Employee Using Ideas and More Platform | Pipelife

So far, the guest house is not occupied. Nikolay has offered accommodation in various Facebook groups and has registered his guest house with organizations helping Ukrainian refugees and local crisis management centers.

“My family and I believe it is important to do the right thing and lend a hand to people in need as much as we can. We’re ready now, and when someone calls, I'll be able to shelter them right away.”

Nikolay's Guest House is Ready to Host Refugees | Pipelife
A Bedroom in the House that Will Host Refugees | Pipelife

Nikolay is not the only one to be offering help to Ukrainian refugees. Lots of us have been making donations and offering shelter. Some of Pipelife businesses have organized the collection and transportation of supplies to Ukrainian refugees at the borders.

With the help of Ideas & More platform, there will be more support coming from Pipelife: Our colleagues from R&D have decided to convert each point earned and donated on the idea platform with 1 Euro. The Ideas & More forum has a donation button since 2018, and we’ve been using it, too. So far, we’ve donated 10751 Euros for people in need. The next disbursement will go to Ukrainian refugees. And we’ll continue racking our brains for good, money-raising ideas.

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