Walking the Talk: Showcasing Radiant Wall Heating to Customers in Poland

30. November 2022 | 3 min read

This year, Pipelife Poland has been busy renovating its Kartoszyno office. The timing coincided with the extension of Pipelife's prefabricated surface heating and cooling solutions to new markets. To showcase the advantages of hydronic radiant wall heating to clients and visitors, it was decided to equip one of the office meeting rooms with Pipelife's integrated wall heating panels.

A small fragment of uncovered wall heating panel at Pipelife Poland's office has been left to showcase the system to the clients | Pipelife

Wall Heating Panels at the Kartoszyno Office

Having firsthand experience with a particular solution can help address customers' questions and doubts. Therefore, the Kartoszyno team was eager to try radiant wall heating in their own office.

A meeting room located at the corner of the building offered a perfect testing opportunity. Before the renovation, the 27-m2 room was heated by two radiators located under the windows. Therefore, one side always felt warmer than the other, and radiators also limited options on how to arrange the furniture. With two exterior walls, an efficient heating system was crucial to maintain high comfort levels and even temperatures in the room throughout the cold season.

After discussing several options, it was decided to install heating panels in three of the four walls. As walls with underlying panels should not be covered with bigger objects, the team wanted to install panels only in the upper part of the walls. Such a design would efficiently maintain pleasant temperatures while setting no limitations on how to arrange the room.

The meeting room during renovations with some wall heating panels already installed | Pipelife
An installer attaching a heating panel to the wall | Pipelife

First-Class Design Services and Straightforward Installation

Once the Kartoszyno team had an idea of how wall heating might work out in terms of installation, they reached out to Pipelife's design office in Serbia. In just a few days, the team received a finished design, together with information on the number of panels needed and complete installation instructions.

The assembly and installation were handled by "Gracrem" Gracjan Chruściński — the same company that was contracted for the rest of the renovation. While the installation team had not worked with radiant wall heating panels before, they found the process simple and intuitive. The installers just had to lay the gypsum board and join pipes with a pressing machine.

In total, eight wall panels had to be installed to heat the room, and the process took less than a day. The project manager was surprised by how fast and easy the installation was and that no specialized equipment or training was needed.

The renovated meeting room at Pipelife Poland's Kartoszyno office | Pipelife
A close-up of uncovered wall heating panel at Pipelife Poland's office | Pipelife

Fully Prepared for the Winter

Radiant walls can be successfully used in almost any indoor area, but they are particularly convenient for rooms where installing underfloor heating would be too complicated or expensive to retrofit.

In the Kartoszyno office, the renovations were completed in the summer, and the new heating system has already undergone a few successful test runs. The team is now looking forward to the winter to experience radiant wall heating firsthand and show its advantages to customers.

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